5 Activities That Boost Memory And Increase Performance

Sitting for an important exam? It's important to have your memory power honed, and your alertness on high so that you can give it your best.

Sitting for an important exam? It’s important to have your memory power honed, and your alertness on high so that you can give it your best.

So, you have decided to appear for the national talent search examination for class 8? First, give yourself a pat on the back as there are not many students who start working towards their goals from such an early age. Yes, you are one of the few. However, to win the scholarship, you need to put in a lot of efforts and dedication. While the internet is flooded with tips that help you make a schedule and draft out a preparation strategy, there are only a few places that talk about boosting the memory power.

So, here are five activities that boost memory power, help in increasing performance and ace that national talent search examination for class 8 you are planning to appear.

Do a Crossword

Crossword is one of those brain exercises that improve its functioning and also helps prevent memory loss. These puzzles are go-to exercises that not only help you get better at problem-solving skills but also take your cognitive function to a whole new level. Many studies have also proven that solving crossword puzzles on a daily basis can reduce the risk of many brain-related diseases including Alzheimer’s. However, stick to solving only one puzzle a day as once you master this exercise the brain would no longer be given enough of a challenge.

Solve a puzzle

Believe it or not, solving puzzles helps in reinforcing the connections that exist between our brain cells and improves through process and mental speed. Furthermore, solving a puzzle requires different approaches to reach the solution. When solving a puzzle, we often change our strategy, hypothesis and perspective. Since there is a lot of trial and error involved, puzzles prove to be extremely beneficial in improving memory.

Indulge in a Dancing session

Dancing is both fun and good for your brain. Many studies have come up with a conclusion that dancing improves the functioning of the brain on a variety of levels. Regular dancers have better cognitive reserves and an improved complexity of neuronal synapses. In addition, dancing significantly lowers the risk of dementia by refining these neural abilities. Dancing causes the brain to rewire its neural pathways recurrently and proves to be an excellent activity for boosting memory and improving performance.

Solve one Sudoku puzzle everyday

One of the best ways to challenge your brain is by solving a Sudoku puzzle on a daily basis. Taking an attempt at Sudoku is one more working-memory training activity. Playing Sudoku is like chess — while making a move, one has to think three or four steps in advance for the next move. Proactive thinking is another good exercise for the brain. So, if you really want to ace that national talent search examination for class 8, give Sudoku a shot and we are sure you will be amazed at the results.

Do Brain Yoga

There are a lot of yoga practices that are recognised to kindle the nervous system and brain. These yoga techniques in return improve concentration and memory while boosting the performance. Top yoga poses that can help improve memory and focus include – Sarvangasana, Paschimottanasana, Bhujangasana and Padmasana. Performing yoga on a daily basis will significantly increase your memory power and boost performance.

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Final Words!

The five activities mentioned above are great to boost memory and improve your performance not only in the national talent search examination for class 8 but overall as well. Make any or all of these activities a part of your schedule, and you will start seeing the difference in a few days. However, be sure that you are not overpowering your schedule with these activities, rather maintaining a healthy balance.

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