Discover Secret Ways to Keep Your White Design Shirt Spotless!

Secret Ways to Keep Your White Design Shirt Spotless

Are you struggling to keep those white shirts spot-free? For most, the task of maintaining white design shirts seems exceedingly impossible. It can almost interfere with the choice of purchasing white shirts online in India. 

While there is a wide variety of high-quality white shirts available in offline and online stores, keeping them fit for prolonged use is something that sways the mind of every buyer. So, what is the solution? Should you keep yourself from wearing one of the best colours out there? Or perhaps it would be prudent to maintain it in a way that keeps it spotless even after heavy use.

In this article, we’ve compiled a few secret ways that can help you keep your white design shirt spotless. These are simple ways that can help you to maintain your white shirts seamlessly. 


  • Using bleach: Soaking your white design shirt in bleach for ten minutes before washing can make a huge difference. You can use chlorine or oxy bleach to brighten, remove stains, and disinfect your high-quality white shirts. Just make sure you don’t overuse bleach as it can damage fabrics. Also, you need to refrain from using chlorine bleach with your other detergents as it can reduce the overall efficacy of the bleach. Distance your pets and infants from bleaches as they are highly toxic in nature. 
  • Lemon juice: Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to a bucket of warm water and wait two minutes before soaking your white design shirt. You’ll be surprised to see how something as common as lemon can be highly effective in removing those yellow stains from your favourite white shirt. Just make sure you soak it for at least an hour before washing it. 
  • Baking Soda: Another secret ingredient to your spotless whites. Add a cup of baking soda to half a bucket of water and soak your white shirts for at least an hour. Once done, run it through your usual wash cycle. 


  • Separating your whites: Always separate your whites from other colours while washing. This will protect it from discolouring or picking any hue from other clothes
  • Avoid overloading: Using less water in the washing machine is an essential step to keeping your white design shirts spotless. Too much water can reduce the overall room and make it hard for your machine to effectively remove soil and dirt. 
  • Choosing the right detergent: In case you’re avoiding the use of bleach before washing, it is vital for you to choose the best detergent. We recommend you opt for a detergent containing optical brighteners to give your white design shirts the appeal of a brand new one. 


  • Sun: The sun can do a lot more than just sustain life on our planet. It can keep your white shirts shiny bright! Sun rays have natural bleaching properties that can restore the brightness of your white design shirt. Just dry your white shirts out in the sun instead of running them through your machine’s dryer. 
  • Over drying: Avoid over-drying your white shirts. Study the fabric that you have purchased as the most sensitive fabrics like linen need to dry at low temperatures. 

The Final Consideration

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The quality of your purchase plays a significant role in determining longevity. A high-quality white shirt will last you longer and have a premium look that you can easily maintain using the secret tips mentioned above. 

All you need to do is look for a reputed brand. While many fashion brands are selling premium white shirts online in India, you should associate with a name that has quality as its supreme focus. Andamen is a name you can rely on for your white shirts. Their sophisticated designs are brought to life by their exceptional team, who pay utmost attention to detail. 

So, pick the best of whites and keep it spotless for every occasion!

Image credits Ari He/Unsplash

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