The Rise Of Women In iGaming

There is no doubt that the world of gaming has seen a significant rise in the influence of women in recent years.

There is no doubt that the world of gaming has seen a significant rise in the influence of women in recent years.

Globally, women are involved in all aspects of the industry, from writing about the latest developments to taking leading roles in gaming-related companies and competing in gaming tournaments.

For instance, Tina Amini, Editor in Chief of Games at IGN, is a respected voice in the industry. Equally respected are well-known names such as Amber Dalton, Senior Director of Sales at Twitch and Se-yeon ‘Geguri’ Kim, a pro gamer for Shanghai Dragons in the Overwatch League. Whether it’s working in the industry, or playing the games, women are now a recognised global influence. The same applies in India where women are now a major force, especially when it comes to mobile gaming.

The attraction of mobile gaming to women in India

Women in India are now using mobile gaming apps more than any other type of app. They use the apps to take part in multiplayer tournaments like PUBG mobile. Another favourite use of apps is playing lotto games. The  popularity of playing this game with Lottoland Asia, and other providers, suggests that this is one area of female gaming in India that will continue to be targeted by providers. Indicated by the use of the slightly unusual .asia domain name for lottoland, being one of the first operators to use this domain extension according to a domain expert that we have talked to.

Overall, women now make up around 30% of the gaming community in India. This is a significant figure given the fact that they only make up around 32% of Internet users in the country overall. Easy access to, and easy use of, smartphones is thought to account for much of this rise in female influence in the world of Indian gaming. However, another important factor is the rising number of high profile female Indian gamers. They are role models for others to follow.

Top female iGamers in India

The gaming industry in India is currently booming overall. Several strong female competitors have taken advantage of this fact. Let’s introduce you to some of these gamers.

Mudra “Wallfl0w3r” Roy

Mudra was introduced to gaming by her father and sister when she was just four years old. Today, she is an avid streamer and her favourite games include Prince of Persia Warrior Within and The Witcher 3. As well as gaming, Mudra also enjoys cosplaying as her favourite characters.

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Vidushi “Mogambo” Suryavanshi

Vidushi’s brother got her involved with gaming and she has never looked back. Today, she is a dedicated gamer and her main game of choice is League of Legends.

Apollonia Hinds

Apollonia is also a League of Legends player. In addition, she has instigated all-female tournaments, to encourage more females to participate in esports. She is also the captain of the Girlaxy, all-female, esports team.

Manasvi Dalvi

From when her father bought her a console for the first time, Manasvi fell in love with gaming. She is a dedicated streamer and her main love is PUBG. Her love of gaming mainly stems from the fact that she can be a totally free version of herself in a game.

Shagufta “Xyaa” Iqbal

Shagufta first started playing games on her father’s PC. Today, she is one of the biggest influencers in the Indian gaming world. Over the years, she has played many games including Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Now, PUBG is her main focus. She has more than 80,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and has dedicated herself to gaming full time.

It’s clear to see that women now have a significant influence in the world of gaming; in India and across the world. This rise in influence only seems likely to continue.

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