‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai…’ I Whispered My First Crush… Only He Was A Poster On My Wall!

Do you remember your first crush? When your eyes meet and the world... just stops? The author, too, felt the same when she saw her first crush!

Do you remember your first crush? When your eyes meet and the world… just stops? The author, too, felt the same when she saw her first crush!

The radiance in his eyes catapulted straight to my heart. He turned around and his beautiful green eyes pierced my soul. I flipped my luscious locks imagining him catching my attention. That was the first time I saw him and he saw me.

My first massive crush!

I hoped love would blossom. And boy! We were stranded on an island, just him and I. My sand tossed toes and wind tousled hair were living the frivolous fantasies of being shipwrecked with him. With his charming innocence, he serenaded me with his groovy moves.

Our love was supposed to bloom!

A tender‑hearted love story touched me at the raw age of fifteen! His breathtaking beauty overpowered the ethereal white sand and the calm water. The picturesque desolation of the island and the delicate white sandy beach, is still etched in my heart.

I was young and bubbly. And I jumped into the ocean and pretended to drown. He jumped to save me. To my horror, I found out that he did not know how to swim. Unlike the man of my dreams who would come riding on a white horse, I was the one to save him from drowning. Annoyed, I asked him why did he do that? And then he whispered those magical words to me that I yearned to hear.

We danced on the magical island and survived on romance. My pink pleated skirt, pastel pink over-shirt and the blushing white bralette coloured me happy. He tried fishing and a crab got hooked on to his foot. By the time I pulled him to the shore, he fainted.

Our little beach story was perfect!

I was blown off by his tender ways. He then sat on the bark of a tree that lay dried up on the sand and a dazzling smile flashed across his face. I danced around him as he sat cheering me with a yellow flower in his hand. He made a necklace with seashells and put it around my neck. No ornament could ever match it. It was perfect!

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I asked him, ‘If love never existed, what would have happened?’ He said, ‘Then there would be no heartbeats!’

After that day, I watched him, repeatedly. I put pictures of him all over my cupboard in my room. As exams were around the corner, I sat at my study and opened my Chemistry book but my mind never seemed to grasp the periodic table.

I hummed softly, ‘Dil mera har baar yeh sunne ko bekarar hai. Kaho na pyar hai… Kaho na pyar hai..Haan tumse pyar hai!’

I tapped myself on the back of my head and said, ‘Stupid. You are not Amisha Patel. You’ve been imagining yourself to be her, stranded on an island with Hrithik.’

I got back to my books and time and again kept glancing at Hrithik Roshan’s pictures on my cupboard – My First Crush! And I secretly wish that magic happens once again how it did when I watched the movie – Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai!

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Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai

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