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Clueless Dads Thinking Pregnancy’s No Big Deal? Watch Kareena Demolish That Belief

Posted: March 24, 2020

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This message is for those men who feel pregnancy is not a big deal and who say, ‘Isme kaun si badi baat hai?’ (what’s the big deal?). Read this, and then watch the movie on Amazon Prime.

So I was just sitting on my couch and surfing through the movies on Amazon Prime. I wanted to watch something that’s pragmatic, funny as well as light that would boost up my mood. So here’s the ‘good news’ – I found a movie that’s just right!

I watched the movie Good Newwz starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani. It’s a comedy of errors which released in December 2019, and is now available on Amazon Prime.

The plot revolves around the pregnancy mix-up between Kareena and Kiara (who have the same surnames), via IVF (In-vitro Fertilisation). It’s hilarious and will tickle your funny bone as well as get you emotional.

Kareena Kapoor rocks!

Apart from the soda bubble-like ‘desi’ comic scenes, Kareena Kapoor’s heartfelt monologue made tears flood the rim of my eyes.

The good point here is that she chooses to speak her mind out. Her dialogue is powerful and fiery which is why her husband realizes his mistake. Talk about moving a mountain? She did just that!

Dads to be who need to be educated

This message is for those men who feel pregnancy is not a big deal and who say, ‘Isme kaun si badi baat hai?’ (what’s the big deal?)

Don’t get grossed out when she says, ‘urine nikal jaati hai’  (the urine leaks) sometimes when an expecting mother laughs.

The hormones take over. They make her giddy, they make her cry, they make her depressed. But you know – Men will be men! It’s not a big deal for them at all.

She goes on to say, be it cold, cough or fever, she cannot take any medicine. That made me smirk a tad along with my heart getting wrenched. Why? Haven’t you heard of women working day and night, in their diverse roles, even if they are sick. They do it all with a smile on their face to make others happy.

But! Here comes the part why I smirked. You must have also heard about those men who in the same house, work in offices just how these women do but when they catch a cold, they behave as if they are going to die of pneumonia! Yes! Such men are still alive in this so-called advanced world. They are the same men whose wives cooked a sumptuous meal for them without taking any medicine for fever and they are the same men who feel like it’s the chicken apocalypse when they get a chicken curry instead of the chicken ‘sukha’, the one they wanted.

So my message to the wonder women and expecting mothers out there, this movie, especially Kareena’s dynamic monologue, is not to be missed. Do not be sorry about your hormones. Sure the hormones do a number of things on us, but when we’re in the midst of a hormone-induced freak-out don’t allow anyone to tell you that it’s your hormone which is erupting like a volcano and that you need to cool down! Morning sickness happens day and night – Yes! It’s a twisted joke to call it ‘morning sickness’. But let that be the only joke playing because you deserve to bask in happiness too.

If you see such a ‘symptom’ in your man who’s a to-be-dad and whose only contribution is ”Ah baby! I have ‘come’!”, just echo Kareena’s words in his ears. The information will surely not go into his spam folder and do let me know how it worked!

As Kareena says, “the woman has to sacrifice her body, mind, and her life to become a mother”.

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