Oh Joe, My Love, You’ve Forgotten Your Dame In Light Of Your Fame!

Ah. The pain of your love changing and becoming someone you didn't know. But what do you do when your coffee does the same to you?

Ah. The pain of your love changing and becoming someone you didn’t know. But what do you do when your coffee does the same to you?

I have loved you since ages, oh dear! 

To be precise, 1995, was that year. 

You were so special to me. 

Yet I would whip you and beat you, so easily.

I would make you into a paste,

Mind you, I did it in no haste. 

Adding sugar to you with a spoon. 

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When you’d be thick and frothy, I would swoon. 

A few drops of milk would make you gooey,

You’d be whisked until golden ombre and creamy. 

My fragile hands would go with a steady speed. 

I was just ten but twenty minutes was all I did need.

To save the muscle work, I would store you in the fridge. 

A dollop of you and between hot and cold I would switch. 

Cocoa, crumbled biscuits or honey, you’d be topped with,

You proved that love happens just once – is a myth. 

You would melt and so did I. 

You were the apple of my eye. 

You would be sweet and pillowy. 

You could change my mood better than a movie. 

Now in 2020 you have millions of lovers,

I see you on Tiktok, Instagram and even on Facebook covers. 

You’re trending all over the internet and everywhere. 

I wish to tell the world about our love affair. 

Now that you have catapulted to a worldwide fame, 

My cup of Joe, you’ve forgotten your dame. 

So today I say – you might change your name but you are mine!  

My ‘pheti hui coffee’, sorry I didn’t know you were ‘Dalgona’, you’ve been simply desi and divine!

If I’d only known that my culinary skills have immense potential globally,

I would have joyously brewed on Tiktok, a ‘filter kapi’, daily!

The centuries old Indian Kapi would have been sold across the globe in boutique cafes, Broski. 

Dalgona – All would’ve known that in India you are Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki!

Picture credits: Unsplash

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