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Virginity – The Bargaining Chip For Marriage

Posted: August 5, 2020

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The double standards between men and women, that society deems as “vital” when it come to virginity. 

Have you popped your cherry?

Have you swiped your v card?

Why do you not straight away ask me, dearie?

If I have lost my virginity or wait, may be you find it hard?

Well, it is surely none of your business,

Yet, I take great pleasure to tell you – Your highness!

Have you ever heard of the day when she had ‘taken the virginity of a man’?

Why do you only say that she lost her cherry to a man?

His companions told him – Shed your virginity boss, it will add to your masculinity.

But be wise, as you should have the honor of breaking her hymen, after all my friends – it’s your dignity!

Does it not sound like, holding the weapon, he is the hunter?

If she has lost it before marriage, she is a slut and no way purer,

Does it not sound like she, the coy mistress, is the prey?

If he has not yet lost it – sorry Mister, your son is gay.

It is not just about sex,

It is also about sexism,

For if a male has not yet lost it,

In the alpha male contest, he is a huge misfit.

The demure virgin women are loudly praised,

And against their “Spoilt” counterparts, red flags are raised.

It is strange to see ourselves living on a land of contrasts,

Where Kama Sutra and erotic historical structures still stand tall from the past.

If you think the hymen is the bargaining chip for marriage,

It is time your brain undergoes a litmus check for the disparage.

Dowry seems to be a perfect dream you are living in,

But for you, dear self proclaimed legends, a non virgin bride is a carnal sin!

Image Source: Pexels

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