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Honeymoon Phase & 3 Important Stages Of A Modern Relationship

Posted: April 2, 2021

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Every relationship goes through four stages and these stages are quite important to understand your relationship and your partner. 

Have you read the novel ‘2 States by Chetan Bhagat? That book told. us about love marriages in India – that the girl and the boy have to love each other. But the families also need to love each other and the girl and the boy!

Have you ever wondered what happens before the marriage in serious relationships? Let’s divide these into stages. There are four stages to this and let me tell you about these four stages in detail.

The first is the ‘Honeymoon’ stage which is closely followed by the ‘Understanding’ stage, followed by the ‘Ever-lasting’ phase. And all this is completed with the ‘Ultimatum.’

Now let’s look at each of these stages individually!

The honeymoon period

This is the start of the relationships. Perhaps at this time, there’s a lot of love and dedication and a certain sweetness that attracts everyone around them. It also manages to annoy their single friends.

The couple might separate a little from their single friends due to all the extra time they devote towards each other. And also because their single friends might feel ignored by them and their partner.

The understanding of it all

This is probably the most tedious and nerve-racking phase that leads the couple in the process of getting serious. In the first phase, they promise marriage but what follows this is the realisation of whom they are going to marry. This is accompanied by a lot of fights and accusations, leading a few couples to even breakup.

The couple who value relationships over the ego and self-respect over relationships may choose different paths if they realise the person isn’t right for them. Two people with similar egos may find it difficult to co-exist and exit peacefully, which is the ultimate good decision for them both.

This is usually the time for people to adapt and grow together while learning more about each other. It helps them understand if they want to continue being together.

However, two types of couples are able to live up to this phase – the ones who have no other option or want to show off their relationship to others. The other type is the couple who, I believe, are the real serious ones and choose to ignore their silly dupes for each other.

They even go back to their friends after they have ignored each other.

The ever-lasting love

After stage two, most of the couples are usually much more evolved and they accept their little fights as a phase of life. They try to control their emotions for the sake of their well-being and even try and ignore their egos. 

This can be looked at as a positive step towards the marriage vows. Giving up one’s bad habits for the other’s sake might be difficult, but at this stage, couples will find it easier to get things done.

They might even meet a lot of their friends and family at this stage.

The ultimatum

If you’ve passed the three stages, it might lead you to any one of these – everlasting love or the realisation that you want to separate. The first one is the most likely scenario after you’ve come this far.

As a couple, if you’re able to pass these three phases and decide not to get married due to the disapproval from your parents/relatives/friends, please, don’t do that. Be it a love or arranged marriage, if you want to live by your choice, do that.

However, try not to end your relationship at phase one just to get married since life is not a bed of roses. You need to get past these phases to have the best time of your life. Thus, struggle is important for every stage of a glorious life ahead.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Pyaar Ka Punchnamaa 2

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