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A Land Of Kamasutra & Love, Has Hatred Caused India To Lose Its Greatness?

Posted: February 10, 2021

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Women had the right to choose their mate something we fail to see in the modern date. Our culture is great, but have we lost it to hate?

India’s culture is great
and yet people berate,

They know nothing of our country
and yet talk rubbish and sultry,

For this is the land of adoptions
where women had the right to abortions.

Where Kamasutra was seen as a book of love
and a sacred act and a treasure trove.

Women had the right to choose their mate
something we fail to see in the modern date.

The love marriage of Shiva and Sati was celebrated
and the live-in love of Radha Krishna was never isolated.

No caste or creed arose on the mainland
And stories of LGBTQ were never banned.

Our architecture speaks of our glory
but when did everything turn so gory?

Our land got infested with female foeticide and more
“Is it really our country?” People believed no more,

Talks of the day are honour killing and love jihad
even God wonders how his country got so mad!

We celebrate Kamala Harris and shun Sonia Gandhi and Nehru
we condemn Akbar and paint his cities bleu.

We increase the religious and caste divide and follow the NIMBY syndrome
we catch other faiths and compel them to sing “Om.”

The condition of women is worsening day by day
and yet we lock our daughters and send our sons out to play,

In this scenario we are affected by floods and droughts simultaneously
for the fury of Gods and Nature is no longer taking it radiantly,

COVID and Amphan are simple acts till date
Nature will wipe us down with fury O human just wait,

This is a country where “unity in diversity” is the dream
please do not make the citizens die and scream,

Let us make India as great as it was
take it back not just to the Vedas, but to Indus valley as t’was,

My India is great and so are the people
give them a second chance and do not make us beetles.

Let us live and thrive every day
And help rebuild India much much greater than today!

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Fanaa

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