The Tall & Short Of It; How Much Does Your Height Matter!

According to society, if you're tall, you're too tall and if you're short, you're too short. Really what difference does your height make?

According to society, if you’re a tall person, you’re too tall and if you’re short, you’re too short. But really what difference does your height make?

The average height of men in India is 5’5.5” and that of females is 5’1”. This figure has changed recently on account of an increase in the average height owing to better nutrition and health care. But I guess many of us Indians don’t seem to recognise this fact.

Audrey Hepburn stated that she remained stunted due to the lack of food and amenities during the war times. Moreover, India attained food sufficiency only in the late 1960s due to the green revolution. Apart from this even genetics is an important factor for height.

The pros and cons of being tall

Being tall is an attractive quality to a number of people! They can easily change lightbulbs without the help of stepstools or ladders. And your house always remains clean. (I hope you get it!)

However, while being tall has a number of perks, it also has a few cons. The first one being people’s comments on iski shaadi kaise hogi? (Who will marry them?) And thanks to all the bending down and looking at people who’re shorter than them, I am sure, tall people also experience a lot of back and neck pain.

The pros and cons of being short

While people don’t always like being short, there are certain perks to it! One of them definitely is that you have more legroom on flights and in cars, without having to move too much. Secondly, you’re less likely to break your bones when you fall. And finally, quite often, you look younger than your actual age!

However, like with everything else, there are definitely some cons to it too! The first one being, people constantly commenting on your height and saying things like itna chota/choti hai. Iski shaadi kaise hogi? (He/she is so short. Who will marry them?) Secondly, thanks to the constant comments, short people often have lower self-esteem.

Where does the problem lie?

  • Family functions and unnecessary comparisons are the most important source of all.
  • While both men and women are equally taunted, women are often the prime targets.
  • Despite genetics playing an important role, no one pays any attention to it (obviously mocking will become difficult with scientific facts).
  • There is no ‘correct’ height. Ira Singhal IAS, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mother Teresa, Peter Dinklage, Gandhiji, Martin Luther King are known for their work more than their height.

Let me tell you about my experience too!

I was born in a family of average-sized people and have been taunted for my height since I was five. Yes, 5 years old. When I read about genetics in school, I decided to get a guy who was at least 6 feet tall to balance my 5’3” personality.

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What I realise now is that IT DOES NOT MATTER. People know me because of my behaviour, then because I am a doctor, and then because I look like a kid with a tiny face. Moreover, I continue to tell my parents that I would want a tall guy in future (because let’s face it, arranged marriage is the only surprise party you get from your parents). They continue to think that a girl shouldn’t have any choice of their own when it comes to most things.

Also that a 6ft tall guy would want a tall girl too. I wonder if same would have gone for men then my friend’s 5’3” father wouldn’t have married her 5’2” mother.

Be proud of who you are!

As for my friends, no one really gives a thought about height anymore. Those who do, please stay away from them. Always remember that heights, looks, colour, gender are the things decided by genetics and God. If someone judges you because of that, it reflects that the person is uneducated on many levels. Always avoid such people for their negativity and lack of knowledge.

Be proud of yourself even if no one is. As part of the new generation and the new society, it’s our responsibility to ward off every social evil which still prevails in the society. This is the prime and one of the most ignored things of all.

Sophie Turner didn’t care about Joe Jonas’s height, neither did Chris Hemsworth. And Peter Dinklage’s wife and kids can all be taller than him and not bat an eye, we should try to overlook this and stop glorifying physical appearances over personality.

PS: Always hold your head high and it will act half a foot to your personality! (Not height, coz we need to think away from the box)

Picture credits: Still from Dice Media’s series Little Things on Netflix

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