Sameera Reddy With Her Recent Instagram Post, Slams Body Shaming Like A Boss

Sameera Reddy aces #FlashbackFriday with an image from her teenage years. She calls out the sexism in the times when she wasn’t considered beautiful because of being fat and dark.

Sameera Reddy aces #FlashbackFriday with an image from her teenage years. She calls out the sexism in the times when she wasn’t considered beautiful because of being fat and dark.

Moti, Kali bhootni, Hathi’ and what not, comments to shame women about their skin colour and body type are not new in our society. From general women to celebrities no one is spared from the sexist eyes of our society. This mentality wants women to fit into the tight compartment of being fair and having a 36-24-36 body shape.

There are many influencers and celebrities who have been raising their voice against this sexist behaviour. One such strong voice trying to break these stereotypes is actress Sameera Reddy.

Sameera is one of the prominent voices demanding an end to the culture of body shaming of women that surrounds us. She was not excluded from it even when she was pregnant, and was trolled for her pregnancy weight!

Sameera Reddy, the prominent voice for body positivity

The actress despite all the trolling has always raised her voice against the unrealistic body standards. During her pregnancy she got an underwater photoshoot done. She shared it with the caption “Pregnant or not, it’s important to understand that you have to love your body.”

She gave it back to this mindset of society again recently. The actress shared a photo from her teenage years on Instagram, and spoke about the struggle to feel accepted as a young girl who was not considered beautiful.

She captioned this picture as:

“Blast from my past! For all the meme makers. Jokes aside I struggled so much with how I was judged then. So much pressure to look good and feel accepted esp as a teen! Even now after two kids and a husband who loves me just the way I am I have many moments of anxiety and struggle with how I feel about my body”

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Let’s end obsession with the perfect body

Society has set this perfect body type criteria that it associates with acceptance. In the struggle to being thin but not too thin, light-skinned, straight-haired, tall but not too tall, women go through low self-esteem, anxiety and even depression.

From a very young age, our looks become the criteria for acceptance and for that ‘attractive’ look, and many women succumb to anorexia, plastic surgeries, and many other things. Apart from that the ones who don’t fit in the stereotypes developed by society are ridiculed for their natural body.

It’s high time that the society understands that the problem doesn’t lie in the natural looks of a person; the problem is the mentality. The mentality that defines ‘beauty’ and ‘attractive’ in a very narrow and tight context. So rather than telling women to look a certain way, there is a need now that society changes its definition of ‘perfect and beautiful’. Because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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