5 Leadership Qualities For A Business Woman That Hardly Need Words

What makes a powerful business woman? Here are 5 leadership qualities for a business woman which don't need words to be expressed.

What makes a powerful business woman? Here are 5 leadership qualities for a business woman which don’t need words to be expressed.

There are so many successful independent business and corporate women around us. There are few who inspire us and some who ignite our thoughts. Have you ever wondered, what are the different things they do or why do they look magical. Why is it that they seem to look wholesome in their approach towards everything in life? Is it their art of people engagement, their technical expertise or their impression? Well, all of this and much more. Generally impact is created through non-verbal communication as opposed to words. So as much as we think that our words matter, it is actually the supporting gestures and actions which make all the difference.

So here are some carefully curated  practices which surprisingly require little to no usage of words:

Connect with yourself 

Multitasking is an inevitable human characteristic that we all must now reflect in order to manage a successful work-life balance. But this multitasking surprisingly comes with an assumed cost of Self-Negligence. Why? Why do we assume that putting ourselves least in priority is the only possible way to do justice to our work and life? Who taught us this? Where is the science behind this belief? Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, pause now, take a notepad, lock yourself in a nice room for half an hour and begin to think. Ask yourself a few questions in just this order.

  • Who am I?
  • What do I do? (Professionally and personally)
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What used to give me instant happiness when I was a young girl?
  • What can I do better than anyone else I know?

If you are able to write answers to all these questions without attaching many brands, qualifications and labels to yourself, then you have truly identified yourself. Research indicates that the most successful people in any business are the ones who someday realize their true potential and indulge in a lot of healthy self-talk.

Master your body language

There is absolutely no substitute to an impactful body language and there are tons of reasons for it. Body language is global, it is a huge asset which all of us have, but very few explore. It adds more muscle to your words, it helps you sell better, convince better, build meaningful relationships, read people, look and sound very confident and at times the right body language can even make you look more aware, impressive and knowledgeable. How do you think film actors adapt to diverse roles? The first thing they pick from the character is its body language. The bottom line is that anyone who is serious about herself and her career would do anything to master body language.\

Just like any other subject, body language too has a foundation which in this case is, to be completely sure of your own body response mechanism. Before anything else, you must notice how you stand, how you shake hands with others, how fast or slow is your pace, how often do you express through the face. Knowing all this about your own self is a great solid foundation to further master body language.

Bold Feminine Presence starts with upright shoulders for a visually wider body frame. The next big move is to manage your core.The core is essentially the stomach and abdomen area. If you know how to control that and not let it loose, then you instantly look in control. Think about what all these fitness, sports and dance trainers tell you all the time ‘ Manage your core’. The third move is to manage your hands. Research proves that people who display their hands while talking are considered more reliable, confident and honest as compared to those who hide their hands. Use of right-hand gestures while talking also helps reinforce the point you are making. The last quick move is to keep your feet, hip width apart while you stand. This helps you balance your body weight well, helps you place your feet firmly on the ground and it greatly helps you claim more territorial space. The more physical space you take, the more powerful you look.

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Leaders are amazing human beings first. They are full of courtesy, culture, and strong ethics. As people climb up the success ladder, egoism and arrogance become their by-characteristic traits. Small things like responding to someone’s emails, messages or calls is one great way to display leadership and humility. This also leads to the Art of Saying No. We often feel awkward saying no, so instead we choose to ignore the other person. This act can be very damaging if you are serious about professional networking and building bonds. Responding to other people with an honest answer, opinion or feedback is way better than choosing to ignore.

Know your USP

Leaders and achievers are fully aware of their strong areas and they never shy away from displaying or talking about their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Once familiar with your USP, try to enhance it. Keep upgrading your core strength as it is usually innate and comes naturally to you. With more polishing, your USP alone can take you places and help you achieve the impossible. One simple way of identifying your USP s to ask yourself this question, ‘What is it that I do better than anyone else I know’? This is a great corner question which you must ask yourself in order to become a better person.

Your outdoor retreat

Leaders need their own creative time and place. Head out each day, whether it is work related or just a walk in the park. A 30-minute walk alone can churn your creative juices. Some of the best action plans can be made in a free space all alone. Also, try to make short travel plans every two to three months. This immensely helps you to learn and add more experiences to your profile. Social psychologists have researched that people bond instantly over topics of food, wine and travel. So make sure you head out and enrich your life experiences.

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