Shreya Dhingra

Shreya Dhingra is a certified Image Communication Coach practicing since 5 years. She works with individuals and corporates on every aspect of their image. Right from professional wardrobe and style analysis to speech skills and leadership, she helps build an end to end consistent, sustainable and authentic image for personal, professional and social occasions. Apart from being a certified Image Consultant she is also a Personal Shopper, Corporate Trainer, Body Language Expert, Author of a self help book for professionals and the lead stylist of her recent clothing line for working women- Navroz collection . With a 4 year corporate experience post an MBA degree, she plunged into the world of training and coaching after realising how little India is aware about self-presentation and wardrobe management. You can personally reach out to her through

Voice of Shreya Dhingra

The Weight Of Making A Choice – My Journey From Bewilderment To Empowerment

Making a choice can be very difficult, especially if you have been used to choose only within a safe framework growing up. How do you make the journey to being empowered?

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3 Great Ways To Build Awesome People Connections At Work

Making people connections at work is essential for women to move up the ladder - in addition to having a great record of work. Here are ways to connect in an authentic manner.

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Yes, You Work Hard, But Do You Make Your Presence Felt At Work?

If you work in a corporate job, start-up or a business and constantly feel the pressure to make your presence felt at work, then this blog is for you.

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Are You Always ‘The Back-Up Plan’ That People Don’t Value Enough?

Are you always 'The Back-Up plan?' Someone who is just pushed around and not treated well. But do you know, its about how you value and respect yourself.

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5 Leadership Qualities For A Business Woman That Hardly Need Words

What makes a powerful business woman? Here are 5 leadership qualities for a business woman which don't need words to be expressed.

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