Meet Narmdi Ojha, Self-Made Rural Entrepreneur Who Provides Livelihood To 500 Other Women

Before joining a self help group, Narmdi Ojha had many financial difficulties. However, she did not give up, and today supports other women.

This is the story of a woman who, to move herself and her family forward, exerted tremendous effort and is now progressing towards a strong future. Narmdi Ojha is a woman from the small village of Ashoknagar in Madhya Pradesh. She was troubled by the sorrow of not being able to fulfill the needs of her family and was also concerned about how she would improve the future for herself and her children.

Women do not easily give up and can often do much for the happiness of their families. This is especially so for rural women in India, as challenges in villages are much more than in cities, making progress more difficult, and this quality that much more critical.

Therefore, our government constantly strives to empower rural women. Whenever initiatives are taken, special attention is given to the empowerment of rural women. This has become a priority for the government. However, regardless of these efforts, it ultimately rests in the hands of women to progress.

Working hard to improve the future of the family

Narmdi Ojha had been searching for work for the past four years, but nothing seemed to be successful. It felt as if she was engulfed in difficulties, with no clear path to escape. Living in a small village with limited opportunities and financial resources, she struggled to make a living. Despite having a small piece of land, it did not yield significant benefits.

Narmdi Ojha shares her story, saying, “There are 11 members in my in-laws’ family. Although we had 10 acres of land in our name, we were dependent on rainfall for every crop. Even when there was rainfall, the crops were not thriving properly. The failure of the crops completely hindered our livelihood.”

Establishing a Self Help Group in the village

Narmdi was troubled, but she knew that the dark clouds of difficulties do not stay forever. One day, the rays of hope from the sun would break through these clouds, and indeed, that’s what happened. Narmdi realized that she could form a small group with women like her and, together, they could pool money to progress.

Narmdi Ojha with members of the self help group

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Without wasting any time, Narmdi formed a group and named it ‘Radhe Radhe Self-Help Group’. Although the group was established, the question remained on how to gather enough funds.

In the beginning, Narmdi decided to start her venture with a small loan

A loan of 5,000 was sufficient for Narmdi to boost her self-confidence. She understood how to advance her work. Subsequently, she took various loans from the cluster-level federation. Under government training, she learned sewing and never looked back. She initiated this with one group, but today she has four such groups.

Narmdi Ojha joyfully shares, “I initially received a loan of 5,000 from the revolving fund, and then I took loans from Ajeevika Mission in various ways. I also established irrigation facilities in my fields to reduce dependency on rainfall. Along with this, I opened a glass and aluminium shop in Ashoknagar. Now, all these efforts have brought my income to approximately 40 to 45 thousand.”

Narmdi Ojha has become so successful that today she is the Chairperson of the Cluster Level Federation (CLF), a testament to her hard work.

Becoming a self-made woman providing employment to 500 women

Narmdi Ojha from Ashoknagar has achieved the status of being a self-made millionaire through hard work. Alongside her personal success, she has motivated and connected over 500 women in her cluster to new employment opportunities. Before joining the group, Narmdi Ojha had faced financial difficulties. However, she understood that facing challenges does not mean giving up.

Narmdi realized that understanding the work thoroughly is crucial for doing it well. Therefore, she showed dependence on training, and today, she has become a millionaire. Narmdi Ojha is inspiring countless women at every turn with her success story.

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