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Mahila Money is a neobank for women supporting entrepreneurs with productive capital via loans and a community platform for business success and other financial products like insurance and investments. Mahila Money facilitates loans for businesses, resources, and community support to help women grow their ventures. The Mahila Money ecosystem is committed to supporting businesses and increasing women's contribution to the GDP. Accessible via the Mahila Money app on Android Mahila Money has mobilised 1 million women, disbursing over 3,000 loans across 2,000 pin codes in India.

Voice of Mahila Money

Geeta Ojha Is An Inspiration For All Who Think Progress Is Not Possible In A Village!

The big city where she had moved for work didn't suit her, so Geeta Ojha returned to her village to establish a thriving dairy business.  

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‘I Want To Make My Mother Proud’ Says Sakeela Who Grew A Successful Custom Saree Embroidery Business

Sakeela has grown her mother's hand embroidery and tailoring store to cater to a pan-India and some international clientele.

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Jyoti Sahu
Jyoti Sahu Was A Teacher; Now Alongside A Thriving Bag Business She Helps Village Women With Banking

Jyoti Sahu, residing in Durg, Chhattisgarh, is a woman from a small family who has transformed from being a school teacher to a successful entrepreneur.

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Lakshmi self help group
How Joining Lakshmi Self Help Group Gave These Women Confidence To Change Their Lives

When a group of women come together with a shared goal of growing their business and ensuring financial independence, success is not far.

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How Nandhini Grew Her Agarbatti Making Business To Skyrocket Income By 40% And 3 Times Her Workforce

Read Nandhini's impactful story of overcoming capital hurdles to expand her agarbatti-making business, making enough profits to expand her venture.

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How Homemaker Meera Tikeshwar Changed Her Destiny To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Meera Tikeshwar was a homemaker from rural Madhya Pradesh, who discovered her potential when she joined an SHG and a group of similar women.

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How Sonu Davar Helped Her Daughter Become The 1st Air Hostess From Their Village

This is the story of how Sonu Davar from the small village of Tanda in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh transformed her daughter's dream into reality.

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How Sarika Grew The LAN Cable Family Business Even As Her Husband Was In A Coma

When Sarika Mandhare's husband met with a life-altering accident, she and her family faced financial ruin. But she did not give up.

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Sunita Kushwaha
How ‘Kisan Didi’ Sunita Kushwaha Went From A Landless Farmer To A Lakhpati

Stories of women like Sunita Kushwaha demonstrate that with hard work, determination, and the right support, success is achievable.

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How Madhubala Chauhan Transformed Her Life, Setting Up A Thriving Jewellery Business!

This is the story of Madhubala Chauhan from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, who transformed her life from small scale animal husbandry work to setting up her jewellery business, with the help of a Self Help Group (SHG). 

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How Poonam Set Up A Successful Women Friendly E-Mitra Centre Despite Very Little Education

Poonam was a 5th pass when she got married, but did her 10th with her husband's support. Now she makes E-Mitra services accessible to other women.

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How Nandini Mishra Overcame Child Marriage To Get An Education And Became A Trainer In Agriculture

Janak Nandini Mishra was married off at the tender age of 12, but has now found a way out of her abusive marriage to become self-reliant.

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How Sreedevi Transformed Her Tailoring Business To Further Create Jobs For Other Women!

"I wanted to create opportunities for more women in our group and help them become financially independent. I believe we could achieve great things together," Sreedevi shares, her eyes shining with hope.

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Parameswari Nair
How 57 Yr Old Parameswari Nair Built A Successful Insurance & Real Estate Business

Parameswari Nair took her home-based insurance and real estate business to new heights by establishing her own office and hiring staff, and now stands as an inspiration to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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How Gurgaon’s Aarti Has Redefined Success In The Male-Dominated Cab Industry!

Meet Aarti, a 30-year-old single mom and a fearless entrepreneur from Gurgaon accelerating her venture to prosperity in the male dominated cab industry.

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Rekha Lokhna Dreams Of Making Her Health Foods Business InstaEats A Household Name!

From vulnerability to victory, Delhi’s Rekha Lokhana’s journey with her business InstaEats is an inspiring one of entrepreneurial triumph!

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Rishika Jain
How 26 Yr Old Rishika Jain Built Eat Pure, A Thriving Catering Business In Hyderabad!

Rishika Jain dreams of being Hyderabad's top caterer and she is getting closer to it by the day. Here's how access to capital helped her reach for the stars!

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