How Joining Lakshmi Self Help Group Gave These Women Confidence To Change Their Lives

When a group of women come together with a shared goal of growing their business and ensuring financial independence, success is not far.

This is the story of how these women from Lakshmi self help group in a small Chattisgarh village changed their lives with a loan from a cooperative organisation.

People want to work, but often face challenges that hinder progress. If you visit villages today, you’ll find people who can tell you why they are not progressing due to various reasons. However, the government has understood this and is making efforts to make every individual self-reliant.

A revolution is currently underway in the country, and it is the empowerment of women. The government consistently strives to provide opportunities for rural women to lead their lives independently and colour their futures.

Efforts are being made to connect these women through various initiatives. The government has initiated several schemes, providing loans to women to help them progress. Women participating in self-help groups are benefiting from these schemes.

Lakshmi self help group where these women started learning about business

One such inspiring story comes from Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh. Several women in this small village came together to start their own work, thanks to the efforts of Gauthan and the self-help group. Today, these women are successfully managing a shed where they raise livestock. They named their self-help group Lakshmi Self-Help Group.

Despite being a small village, these women face and overcome challenges together. Some time ago, the village faced difficulties, but today, the situation seems to be improving. Ten women have joined the Lakshmi Self-Help Group, and they have successfully set up a shed where they raise livestock, contributing to their income.

The government has introduced a few financial schemes and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in the village. The women take care of the shed, and with the proper training received under government schemes, they have become knowledgeable and are progressing.

These women now own eight cows, taking care of their nourishment and management. The government has entrusted them with the responsibility, and the women collectively sell around 35 litres of milk to the Churagang Dairy every day. Additionally, they collect more than 50 kilograms of dung, earning them a profit of over Rs. 30,000 solely from the dung business.

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A loan helped them to grow their business quickly

Now, these women are understanding the ways of working and are thinking about expanding their work. To support their future plans, the Lakshmi Self-Help Group decided to take a loan. The group secured a loan of Rs. 2.65 lakhs from a cooperative organisation.

Approximately Rs. 1 lakh of the loan has already been repaid, and the women have confidence that they will progress in their work. The group has become an example for others, proving that even seemingly small projects can be highly successful.

The loan has empowered these women to advance their work, and today, they are expanding into organic farming and vermicomposting. The shed not only provides a source of income but also engages in various other profitable activities.

The government has recognized the progress in this village and is actively working to further its development. By encouraging and supporting the women’s self-help group, these individuals have become self-reliant and are now empowering other women in the community.

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