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what to do after 12th
‘What To Do After 12th Boards?’ Was Stressing Out My Cousin So I Said To Her…

"What to do after 12th boards?" is the dilemma of every child who has given this exam. All you need is the courage of your convictions.

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‘I Am Not Other Girls’ We Say, But Something So Magical About Female Friendships…

Isn't it ironic that the women that we dread the most, are the women who teach us most about life in our female friendships?

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Zeenat Aman Shows Us How To Support A Woman Considered A Rival At Work

Zeenat Aman’s IG post on Parveen Babi’s birthday highlights how women supporting each other is so vital for us all – because we are all fighting the patriarchy – not each other.

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Why Your Husband Or Boyfriend Often Can’t Stand Your BFF

Your women friends, the sisterhood they form, can be your safe space, your haven, a safety net when stuck in an abusive relationship or marriage.

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My Unlikely Mentor Who Completely Changed The Drudgery Of My Life

Not only has Roshni D'Souza helped me to grow as a writer, but under her guidance, I grew as a person too. I learnt to speak up and share what I thought.

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Book Independence Is About A Sisterhood That Makes You Resilient…

While differing greatly in their worldview, what the sisters have in common is the way they carry their respective choices on their shoulders, and learn to grow to respect each other more for their differing opinions.

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