But That Day She, And She Only, Had Been My Saviour

I had tried everything possible but nothing seemed to please her. I decided to let it go and keep my pride intact. I would go about my duties keeping out of her way. I guess the feeling was mutual.

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Her Father’s Daughter, Stranger No More

I didn’t know I had a sister halfway across the world. And since I’ve known, I’ve wanted to meet you and hired a detective to help me find you.

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Sister, Stranger, Saviour…

Two cups of kahwa were placed on the table. They had finally found the right time for it. Maybe. The loudspeakers hadn’t stopped blaring as yet. Only they had found another narrative.

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Bell Bajao

Whenever we hear any sound like that of hitting and shouting from their house, one of us will ring the doorbell and ask something. It can be anything, like what is the time? Or is water coming?

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Frozen 2 Is An Ode To Sisterhood, And Wiser Men Who Support Women’s Choices
Frozen 2

Elsa and Anna are out in the wilderness again, having some rollicking adventures with their trusted companions, and like the first movie, Frozen 2 also has some timely and inspiring messages for grown-ups too!

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Women, You’re My Only Support – Why Sexual Assault Victims Need Support And Not Blame!

For years, victim blaming has been a common way to go about after a crime takes place. It's high time we change that and support them. Here's why.

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