Taapsee Pannu Tweets, Science Agrees: “Sometimes Sisterhood Is All You Need To Have A Happy Life At 65!”

Not much attention is paid to female friendships, especially for older women. But female companionship, which is precious at any age, may be key to the emotional and physical well-being of older women.

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This Novel Initiative By Paromita Bardoloi Lets Strangers Write Letters To Each Other
letter from a stranger

Paromita Bardoloi began her initiative Letter From A Stranger, India, as the exchange of ideas and advice between her friends. But it has become much bigger than that.

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I Can Do It; I Have It In Me!

Saba always noticed how Razia looked at the little children who played in and around the chawl. That twinkling of her eyes, that wistful smile…

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When All You Could Do Is Flee…A Story Of Two Women

The story of two women, from polar opposite ends of a social issue spectrum, trying to build their lives with what they have.

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Real Women’s Empowerment Can Only Happen Through Sisterhood

What I heard sent shivers down my spine. If not for this woman, my life would have turned into the worst.

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Bollywood Screenwriter Jyoti Kapoor: Feminism Is Not A Rigid Being; It’s Always Evolving

"Feminism means having the freedom, choice and opportunity that the other gender has," says Bollywood screenwriter Jyoti Kapoor. "It's okay to question things."

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