A Woman Hasn’t The Luxury To Switch Off Responsibilities And Relax – But This Is How I Can

You get together with friends or family. The men all sit down with their drinks, and the women go to help the hostess. Sounds familiar? But why should this be the norm?

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Don’t Underestimate The Sisterhood That Has Your Back!

"That's what sisterhood is all about, Neelam. To stand with one another, to uplift the one who is sagging mentally, emotionally, socially and even financially. And that is what we have done."

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Breaking Stereotypes: All-Women Spaces Are Not Full Of ‘Feminazis’

"You are going to turn into a feminazi or a tomboy!" There are many myths related to studying in an all-girls college. My experiences in one such institution have helped me debunk all these myths.

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The Question Isn’t Who’s Going To Let Me, But Who Is Going To Stop Me

Are you the same person who was an all-rounder in college? Are you the same person who had huge ambitions, who wanted to do an MBA, who wanted to have a great career? If you are, I hope you will find your way back to who you really are, Sneha.

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Our Story Of Working Together To Create Escape Velocity, An Anthology By 13 Women Writers
Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity: Not all that spins away is lost, not all that comes home is familiar, is an anthology that has come together after months of work by a group of writers, a great example of how a sisterhood works.

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Coming Back For The Miracle Of Life

"You do what makes you happy, not what others expect of you, Jomol. And parents will be parents. It’s their job to be worried. Ultimately, the decision will be yours.”

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