Geeta Ojha Is An Inspiration For All Who Think Progress Is Not Possible In A Village!

The big city where she had moved for work didn't suit her, so Geeta Ojha returned to her village to establish a thriving dairy business.  

You must have met people who say that if you want to earn good money, you have to leave the village. Because many people still believe that there is no development in the village. That if you want to progress, you have to go to the cities around your village; that’s where opportunities lie. Many people, motivated by this belief, leave their homes, families, and friends every year, trying to establish themselves in the city and improve their lives.

It’s not that establishing oneself in the city is impossible, but often, those who come from villages end up as daily-wage labourers. For those who are not educated, settling into city life and advancing in their work can be as challenging as living in a foreign country.

Geeta went to the city to establish her own business

Geeta decided to establish her work in the city, driven by similar thoughts.

Geeta, who lived in the village of Mughalpura near Gwalior city in Madhya Pradesh, saw the difficulties in her family. There was neither a steady income to support daily expenses nor enough money to secure the future of her children. She was tired of witnessing the daily struggles.

At that moment, Geeta also thought that like others, she could go to the city near her village, Gwalior, and enhance her work, ensuring an end to all the family troubles. Although leaving her home was difficult, she found solace in the thought that at least the future of her family would be better.

After coming to the city, troubles and challenges increased

After coming to the city in search of employment, Geeta faced new and increased challenges. She did not anticipate that the city life might not suit her. She made every effort to establish herself, doing all kinds of jobs that came her way. However, sometimes fate and timing are more critical than efforts.

Geeta felt like she had lost. She had left the village for the city, but she couldn’t earn anything substantial or progress. The only thing that had increased was her troubles.

Geeta says, “When I left the village and came to Gwalior, I brought many dreams with me. However, this city made me understand that we are not meant for here. We were troubled, and no path was visible. That’s why returning to the village seemed better to us.”

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It highlights the challenges and struggles faced by individuals who move from rural areas to urban centres in pursuit of a better life.

Geeta returned to the village with her family. People had a lot to say, but Geeta had decided one thing before going to Gwalior – that she would take care of her family’s life. She tried to understand everything and made efforts to move forward after coming back to her village.

Geeta learned that she could join a Self-Help Group (SHG) in her village to work towards furthering her initiatives. So, she joined the ‘Jai Mata Di’ Self-Help Group in her village and began to understand how to establish her work. She started learning everything from this SHG.

Joining the SHG and taking a loan

Geeta Ojha, after joining the group, decided that she wanted to open her own dairy. However, the challenge was how to arrange the money. After joining the Self-Help Group, her financial worries seemed less daunting. She discovered that she could easily get a loan under the government’s PMFME scheme. Geeta received a subsidy loan of Rs. 3,60,000 under the PMFME scheme.

After that, she realized that all her troubles were going to end. Geeta started with one buffalo, and today she has 14 buffaloes and 3 cows. Above all she is earning 40 to 50 thousand per month, which is an average salary of a corporate person. She has become an inspiration for everyone who believes that progress is not possible by staying in the village. She is still making every effort to advance her work.

This story illustrates Geeta’s journey from facing challenges in the city to returning to her village, where she found support in a Self-Help Group and obtained a loan to establish her dairy business.

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