How 26 Yr Old Rishika Jain Built Eat Pure, A Thriving Catering Business In Hyderabad!

Rishika Jain dreams of being Hyderabad's top caterer and she is getting closer to it by the day. Here's how access to capital helped her reach for the stars!

In the bustling streets of Hyderabad, ‘Eat Pure’ isn’t just a culinary sensation; it’s a story of nourishment that goes beyond the plate. Allow us to introduce Rishika Jain, a 26-year-old entrepreneur who turned a family health crisis into a thriving venture, all thanks to a secret ingredient – CAPITAL.

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Rishika’s journey started when her sister faced a health challenge at a young age. This ignited a spark within her to venture into entrepreneurship to promote health and well-being.

Providing comforting meals to doctors and launching ‘Eat Pure’

Fueled by unwavering support from her family and a passion for offering nutritious alternatives to the prevailing junk food culture, Rishika launched her ‘Eat Pure’ endeavour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She fondly recalls, “My journey began with a simple act of kindness – providing free meals to doctors who were tirelessly battling the pandemic. We started with servings of khatta rice, specifically for doctors working round the clock who couldn’t spare a moment to go home and cook. It warmed my heart to see many of them return, asking if I could continue to supply them with wholesome, home-cooked meals. That’s how my humble catering business took root.”

Rishika Jain began her journey from this simple kitchen

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With treasured family recipes passed down from her mother and mother-in-law and invaluable guidance from her father and sister-in-law, both seasoned corporate professionals, Rishika’s humble endeavour began to flourish. Her journey, which commenced with distributing free meals, gradually expanded to serve the tireless doctors on the front lines.

As the world slowly reopened post-COVID, her services extended to the corporate sector, serving meals to IT employees.

Meals ready!

“I started this business from my home kitchen with absolutely zero investment,” Rishika explains. “My strategy was simple – provide wholesome meals at a nominal rate, targeting millennials living away from home, yearning for the comforting taste of home-cooked food. However, as time passed, the need for capital became pressing. I could not acquire essential packaging materials, and my profit margins dwindled by the day,” she laments.

Rishika Jain, from home kitchen to corporate success

It was at this stage that Rishika turned to Mahila Money for the needed capital solution at this crucial juncture. Without the financial backing she needed, Rishika’s dream might have remained just that – a dream. However, with a strategic business loan from Mahila Money, Rishika is now transforming her entrepreneurial vision into a sizzling reality, marked by an impressive

“I found Mahila Money online,” Rishika recounts, her voice exuding gratitude. “My loan amounting to Rs. 1 Lakh was approved instantly within a few days”, she says. Rishika used the money to buy materials in bulk, which helped her save packaging costs. Rishika explains, “At first, I bought plates for Rs. 8 each, but with bulk purchases, I reduced the cost to just Rs. 5. This significantly boosted my business profits.”

Rishika doesn’t just commend the straightforward loan process; she also underscores the invaluable emotional support she found with the Mahila Money community. In her words, Mahila Money didn’t just fortify her finances but lifted her spirits, too.

Varieties of thalis and soaring profits

Inspired by her love for chocolate and a penchant for savouring slow-cooked khichdi, Rishika may have simple tastes, but her vision is extraordinary. Her journey began with the heartfelt mission of providing comforting home-cooked meals to doctors and professionals yearning for a taste of home. Yet, her ambitions reached far beyond these humble beginnings.

Rishika’s culinary offerings expanded to encompass a diverse range of thalis. She reminisces, “I started with the ‘Everyday Thali,’ a delightful ensemble of eight dishes. Today, I take immense pride in offering five distinct varieties of thalis, ranging from Rs. 99 to Rs. 399.”

Rishika’s tireless entrepreneurial spirit was the driving force behind her remarkable transformation. Her monthly earnings made a remarkable leap, soaring from a modest Rs. 25,000 to an impressive nearly Rs. 60,000, accompanied by a substantial boost in her profit margins. Rishika’s journey epitomises the essence of entrepreneurship, portraying a narrative of conquering challenges, seizing opportunities, and nurturing boundless growth.”

From modest beginnings, Rishika Jain wants to be Hyderabad’s top caterer

When describing how she begins her day, Rishika shares, “With each new sunrise, I eagerly open my doors and embrace each new day with hope and determination.” Starting this venture single-handedly, she now leads a team including one cook and two dedicated delivery boys.

Her advice for budding entrepreneurs resonates with wisdom and encouragement, “Don’t be daunted; be courageous, treat your customers with the utmost care, and, above all, attentively listen to their needs.”

In Rishika’s words, “Mahila Money not only provided me with capital but also ignited a vision to ascend as Hyderabad’s premier caterer. Their capital boost gave my business the impetus it needed. Previously, my profit margin hovered around 18-20%, but after receiving the Mahila Money loan, my sales surged by an astounding 80-140%, and my profit margin soared to an inspiring 30-35%.”

With profound gratitude, Rishika now envisions expanding her offerings to include catering for kitty parties, birthdays, and weddings, taking her #JiyoApneDumPe culinary journey to heights with Mahila Money capital support.

If you are a #JiyoApneDumPe woman entrepreneur who wants to take your business to new heights and needs working capital and entrepreneurship resources, get in touch with the Mahila Money team today. 

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