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Central Health Ministry Says ‘No Data On Healthcare Workers Dead Due To COVID’ This Is Appalling!

Posted: September 18, 2020

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Doctors, just as women, are given the status of God in our country yet we fail to treat them as such. Govt having no data on those dead due to COVID is appalling!

As if the rising number of corona virus cases weren’t representative enough of the sad state of public health affairs in our country, our government went on to announce that they don’t have any data number of deaths in migrant workers.

While this itself should be quite alarming, many said that it is impossible to track the movement of so many people.

What about healthcare workers?

Recently however, the government made yet another fact public. That they don’t have any data on the number of healthcare workers infected and dead due to COVID-19.

The Indian Medical Association has strongly condemned such negligent behaviour towards our healthcare workers and provided the necessary details.

Our country is leading in the number of healthcare worker deaths. IMA’s demand to declare them as martyrs is yet again to fall on deaf ears. While the whole world is commemorating their doctors and treating them as national heroes, it’s appalling to even imagine how little we as a nation care about them.

A doctor’s life is one long grind

To become a doctor in today’s age one needs to be at the grind relentlessly, spend many sleepless nights, spend gruelling years in college and graduate with a mountain of debt. And if you thought all your problems would resolve on graduating, you cannot be more wrong. Fresh graduates are usually paid a meagre salary and made to work to the bone.

If you decide to escape this and go for a post graduation, you’re in for another ride. When all your peers would have ‘settled’, you would still be borrowing money from your parents to pay for your post graduation. After which you would be under immense debt and would need to work hard to pay it off.

It is a career with no room for mistake, a tiny mistake would cause you to lose your license and all your hard work could go down the drain.

But doctors have been assaulted

Time and again we have seen doctors been assaulted, they have always been society’s soft targets. They are some of the brightest brains of the country, being treated so horribly. If they protest, they are quickly assuaged to continue service. Even after such disrespect, they step up and save our lives whenever a problem arises.

Not just doctors – nurses, Asha workers and other healthcare providers have risked their life everyday while we were locked up in our homes. We have stigmatised them in our neighbourhood instead of honouring them. Remember the case in Chennai, where a doctor was refused burial? We are even denying them dignity in death.

Doctors, just as women, are given the status of God in our country yet we fail to treat them as such. Maybe next time instead of banging our plates from our balconies we can actually respect them.

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