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Will Caste Now Decide If You Should Be Kept In Jail Or Given A Free Card?

Since when are rape and murder considered good sanskaar? And why is something like caste a factor in releasing criminals from jail in a democratic nation like India?

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Enforcing Dress Codes, Dismissing Dreams; Colleges Are Hotbeds Of Patriarchy

Right from school, girls are told to dress and behave in a certain way lest it 'tempt' men. Shouldn't we stop sexualising and shaming them?

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Central Health Ministry Says ‘No Data On Healthcare Workers Dead Due To COVID’ This Is Appalling!

Doctors, just as women, are given the status of God in our country yet we fail to treat them as such. Govt having no data on those dead due to COVID is appalling!

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Dalit families socially boycotted
News Of 40 Dalit Odisha Families ‘Socially Boycotted’ Over A Minor Thing Woke Me Up To My Privilege

A 15 year old Dalit girl in Odisha picked a flower from a Savarna person's garden. For this 'crime', 40 Dalit families have been 'socially boycotted'. This, in 2020?! Enough, already!

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