There Is No Age To Dream!

Recently, I watched two series that actually described the true meaning of a dream and demonstrated that there is no age bar to live your dream.

“Dream” is such a beautiful word, and I guess we all have a special connection with this word since childhood. Either we have been asked by someone, “What is your dream?” or we have ourselves mentioned that, “My dream is to become.”

Even though I had a lot of dreams in my childhood, I forgot all of them eventually. Almost 5 years ago, I met a few people who were working effortlessly towards their dreams, and somehow, my dream took birth again.

Of all the dreams I had, one most important was to become a writer. I have been writing for two decades, but never took it seriously.

I will not divert from my subject, though. Recently, I watched two series that actually described the true meaning of a dream and demonstrated that there is no age bar to live your dream.

Unchai 2022

First, “Unchai,” a Hindi film released in 2022, received immense accolades for its inspirational storyline. The film is a tale of three friends who decided to trek to Mount Everest to fulfil the dream of their fourth friend’s last wish.

Though it was a normal wish for all four, it became a dream for the other three after the demise of the fourth one. I was so pumped up after watching “Unchai” that I immediately started working on my fifth book.

True Spirit 2023

Second, “True Spirit,” an Australian biopic film released on Netflix in 2023, is truly an eye-opener that gave me goosebumps. The character, Jessica Watson, decides to sail around the globe alone (non-stop and unassisted), breaking the record and hence becoming the youngest person to achieve this milestone. She had to sail for almost 200 days alone, facing all the storms.

I have a question, how strong can a dream be? If you need the answer, please watch the film. Imagine a 60 ft wave in front of you, and you only think about your dream. I mean, a dream is much more important than life.

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If you go through my bio, you will acknowledge that I have written, “I am a dreamer,” but after watching “True Spirit,” I feel I am not; maybe it’s only wishful thinking.

What is the difference between a dream and wishful thinking?

Let me specify the difference between a dream and wishful thinking.

“Wishful thinking is seeing your future based on what is pleasing to imagine rather than by what your current thoughts, behaviours, and actions are likely to produce. But a DREAM is active. It represents a future goal. Something you can strive for.”

I mentioned just two movies, but there are so many biopics that exhibit dreamy personalities from various fields. Today, there are very few people who talk about dreams, but that’s the most essential thing that is required to be successful in life, and age has no connection with it.

The biggest lesson I learned during COVID-19 was life is uncertain, and there is no particular age to achieve or do something.

So go out and dream…

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