“The Kerala Story” Shook My Soul

I saw “The Kerala Story” during the weekend and I am still haunted by what is depicted in the movie.

First of all, I am confused such a movie should be made or not. On one hand, it creates awareness but on the other hand, it creates anxiety, anger and agony. I saw the movie on a Saturday evening and then I was wrapped by various thoughts the whole night and even the next day.

Honestly, I am still somewhere in the movie, hence writing this blog. I don’t want to comment much on the religion part as it is forever a top of debate and conflict but I am saddened to acknowledge the torture and pain the female goes through during this process of brainwashing and conversion.

Every religion/community/caste has both good and bad people, so just because of a few, giving some statement to the whole religion will be unjustified but I think here comes the role of education and awareness.

While watching the movie, at some moments I had tears, at some I was full of rage, at some I was full of pity and at some full of frustration. I mean I was scared of how extreme love and extreme hate can destroy the life of an individual completely. I am the kind of person who takes everything upon herself, I mean whatever I see sometimes I see the same happening to me in my dreams, therefore I am very careful about what I watch. I am thankful that I didn’t get any bad dreams after watching the movie but it disturbed my soul.

I am not saying it’s a bad movie, actually every girl should see it but after that, for a person like me, it will take days to come out of it.



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