How 57 Yr Old Parameswari Nair Built A Successful Insurance & Real Estate Business

Parameswari Nair took her home-based insurance and real estate business to new heights by establishing her own office and hiring staff, and now stands as an inspiration to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Parameswari Nair, a 57-year-old entrepreneur based in Thane, Maharashtra, epitomises resilience and ambition. She has single-handedly built a thriving insurance and real estate business, demonstrating that age is but a number when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

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Parameswari had been operating her insurance and real estate business from her own home for nearly two decades. With one woman employee on her team, she managed to generate a monthly income of approximately ₹80,000 from her part-time ventures and an additional ₹10,000 from tax advisory services. Her reputation as a self-employed insurance agent for esteemed companies spoke volumes of her expertise and commitment.

Reflecting on her journey, Parameswari shared, “I’ve built an ever-growing clientele who place their trust in me. Witnessing the positive impact I make and providing the best solutions to them is truly fulfilling. Their support fuels my determination to soar higher.

Once her daughter was married, Parameswari found herself with time on her hands, even though she already had an established business. Determined to utilise her potential to the fullest and with support from her husband who was employed as a mechanical engineer, she set her sights on expanding her business. The dream of establishing a dedicated office space and hiring two additional employees to better serve her growing clientele had always been playing on her mind. However, the persistent chains of financial constraints prevented her dreams from taking flight.

Parameswari Nair found viable means for a loan to expand her business

It was at this critical juncture that Parameswari’s life took a transformative turn – she discovered Mahila Money. It became the turning point she needed.

She applied for a loan and received an approval for ₹2,00,000, which she intended to use for renting an office space and hiring staff. This financial boost provided her with the opportunity to take her business to new heights. “It has given me the confidence to take the next step in expanding my business,” Parameshwari shared, brimming with excitement. “With a proper office and additional staff, I can now serve my growing clients more efficiently and professionally.”

Parameswari put the loan to immediate use, securing an office and recruiting two skilled staff members. The impact was immediate as Parameswari’s dedication and commitment to her clients led to business growth. Her insurance business started to thrive in the new setting, attracting a larger clientele and increasing revenue.

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An inspiring journey

Parameswari’s entrepreneurial spirit shines bright as she exclaims, “I am grateful to Mahila Money for believing in me and my vision. This loan has not only transformed my business but also boosted my confidence and self-belief. I am determined to continue expanding and creating more employment opportunities for women in this industry.”

Parameswari Nair’s entrepreneurial journey stands testament to the power of persistence and the right financial backing. Her remarkable growth has not only led to the establishment of a thriving business but also positioned her as an inspiring figure for aspiring women entrepreneurs. As her enterprise continues to flourish, Parameswari remains steadfast in her #JiyoApneDumPe vision, dedicated to helping others and creating more employment opportunities. With each milestone achieved, Parameswari demonstrates that no dream is too grand to achieve. Reflecting on her accomplishments, she proudly shares, “My daughter and husband take immense pride in my achievements, and that, along with my own sense of pride, is the greatest reward in life.”

If you are a #JiyoApneDumPe woman entrepreneur who wants to take your business to new heights and needs working capital and entrepreneurship resources, get in touch with the Mahila Money team today.

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