How Bhavana Reddy Built Her Seafood Business In Vellore While Also Doing CA Studies

"Nurturing fish takes time and dedication, much like achieving your goals," says Bhavana Reddy, who made her dream of owning a seafood business a reality.

In the heart of Vellore, where the hustle and bustle of daily life often overshadows dreams, Bhavana Reddy, a determined fishmonger, embarked on a journey that would shape her future and send ripples of inspiration through the community.

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Bhavana’s fascination with fish, an affinity that goes beyond the ordinary, became the driving force behind ‘Good Day Sea Food’. She dreamed of providing the city with high-quality, fresh, healthy live fish. Despite scepticism from those around her, Bhavana pressed forward, fueled by a passion that refused to be extinguished.

For three years, Bhavana Reddy tirelessly managed her live fish business while pursuing her CA, balancing the ebb and flow of entrepreneurial responsibilities with the demands of academics. “Nurturing a fish takes time and dedication, much like achieving your goals,” she reflects, her eyes reflecting the wisdom gained from both her studies and her aquatic companion.

Taking her business to a better locality

However, the turning point came when Bhavana envisioned expanding her business to a better locality. Capital became the elusive key, and despite her husband’s support, the financial gap seemed insurmountable. It was at this juncture that Mahila Money stepped in, offering a lifeline in the form of a business loan without the burden of collateral.

“Securing the loan from Mahila Money was a breath of fresh air. The process was not just smooth; it was a testament to their trust in my vision,” Bhavana shares, her gratitude evident. The loan amount became the catalyst for Good Day Sea Food’s expansion, breathing life into her dreams.

Investing wisely in Good Day Sea Foods

With the capital, Bhavana invested wisely in oxygen cylinders, live fish stock, and essential supplies. The new branch, aptly named ‘Good Day Sea Food’, materialised and flourished. The Mahila Money loan paved the way for Bhavana to obtain a trade license, marking the official start of a new chapter in her entrepreneurial journey.

The impact of Mahila Money on Bhavana’s life was transformative. The new branch in Vellore catapulted her monthly income by an impressive 25,000 INR, bringing financial stability. Bhavana’s ability to fully support her family became a testament to the ripple effect of empowering women entrepreneurs.

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Looking ahead, Bhavana envisions two more thriving centres in Tirupati, proof of her newfound confidence and business acumen. “Mahila Money Loan not only boosted my income but gave me the courage to take calculated risks and nurture my business,” she expresses with gratitude. “To fellow women entrepreneurs, I say, embrace your dreams with Mahila Money’s seamless lending process. #JiyoApneDumPe – Live life on your terms!”

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