Jyoti Sahu Was A Teacher; Now Alongside A Thriving Bag Business She Helps Village Women With Banking

Jyoti Sahu, residing in Durg, Chhattisgarh, is a woman from a small family who has transformed from being a school teacher to a successful entrepreneur.

Today, every woman is contemplating starting her own business and wishes to engage in work that not only allows her to progress but also helps in spending time with her family. In a job, she often finds it challenging to devote sufficient attention to her family, leading her to consider leaving the job.

It is true that some women decide to quit their jobs, but as they move forward, they often feel that they wish they had made that decision with more thought and consideration for other opportunities. This sentiment is not just being expressed; it is a common realisation. Women often think about it after some time. Jyoti Sahu is one such woman who was initially a school teacher and is now working as a successful entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur after leaving a job

Jyoti Sahu, from the village of Sakara in Durg, Chhattisgarh, is currently busy making various patterns of leather and cotton bags. As a former school teacher, Jyoti is now earning much more than she did before. She always wanted to do something of her own, but the question of how and what often lingered in her mind.

Jyoti shares, “When I was a school teacher, I always thought about doing something on my own. However, there was always a question in my mind about how and what. That’s when I learned about Self Help Groups (SHGs). I joined the Gyan Ganga SHG in my village and learned everything about starting my own business. I decided to connect with the Gyan Ganga SHG and start my own business.”

A timely loan helped her to build her business

She took a loan from CCL and started her work by ordering raw material for her business from Raipur. However, just as she began, the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, and like many others, her work came to a halt. But she had already decided that she would not give up so easily. So, she started her work again, making various items like travel bags, school bags, handbags, and mobile pouches. She made every effort to ensure that her work progressed in some way. Today, she is producing bags of various patterns made from leather and cotton.

Jyoti Sahu, residing in Durg, Chhattisgarh, is a woman from a small family who has transformed from being a school teacher to a successful entrepreneur. Her brothers, Sanjay and Sandeep Sahu, are also supporting her in this venture. Her family is making every effort to assist Jyoti. They are trying to sell the items made by the group in government schools and other institutions. Jyoti’s earnings are growing rapidly.

Diversifying income through banking

Not only is she involved in making bags, but Jyoti has also become a ‘Bank Sakhi’ (Bank Friend). She says, “I have also learned banking work. Today, I work for the group members at the bank operated by Kumhari Nagar Palika. Along with the successful bag-making work, the training I received to become a Bank Sakhi has brought in good income for me. Now, I am living a life of respect in my village. Today, I am a businesswoman, and I am proud of it.”

Jyoti Sahu from the Gyan Ganga SHG has made a name for her village with the support of her group. The government is fully supporting her initiatives, providing her with loans through RF (Revolving Fund) and the district. Jyoti, along with her Self Help Group, has proven that if one starts their own business instead of working for someone else, they can earn better and live a life of respect.

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