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10 Success Mantras From Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India [E-BOOK]

Posted: February 19, 2016

“Eclectic, interesting…will fill you with hope and resolve!” – Pick up our new short story collection, Women.Mutiny

The 10 Success Mantras From Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India ebook by Women’s Web is exactly the quick burst of inspiration you need today.

In the last few years, entrepreneurship in India is in the limelight, and with it, the participation of women in this story. Here at Women’s Web, we have been at the forefront of bringing you these interesting stories, and we know that our readers love them.

Yet, even as we celebrate the highs, let’s not forget that entrepreneurship can be one hell of a tough journey. Quite often, you are doing it alone. Even if you have a co-founder (or a bunch of them), the stress can be incredible, especially when things are going poorly and you have differences of opinion.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know there are days of incredible highs, but also moments when you wonder if sacrificing a fat (and assured) pay cheque at the end of the month was worth it.

That is exactly why we need more real stories to power us up – to help us smell the roses, but also inspire us on those bad days.

From some of the best interviews we have featured at Women’s Web, this concise ebook, 10 Success Mantras From Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India brings you exactly that dose of inspiration you need.

And what if you are not an entrepreneur? You will still enjoy a dollop of inspiration from these successful women, and who knows, one day, perhaps you will get started on this journey yourself! This ebook is available exclusively to our premium users. Not yet one? Register to become a premium user and get access!


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