8 Reasons Why Women Should Collaborate With Other Women

Women entrepreneurs, creators and workers are growing, it is time to see the merits of 'why women should collaborate with other women.'

Women entrepreneurs, creators and workers are growing, it is time to see the merits of ‘why women should collaborate with other women.’

In the contemporary world, we are seeing more women CEOs, content creators, researchers, programmers and artists coming up. This has shed the notion that women are any less creative or are inclined to only a handful of fields.

More women are venturing forth with startups fuelled with fresh ideas, starting podcasts touching on important themes and indulging in activism. Outside of fast-paced progress, we can still see some prejudice and casual sexism under the surface.

Women are often pitted against each other, we’re all thinking of the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber debacle, right?

Why women should collaborate with other women?

Contrary to such pressures of being a lone woman facing the world, the Harvard Business Review found that women who support women in business tend to be more successful in the longer run.

Aside from that, collaborating with other women can help put brilliant minds together and bring out the best results.

Below are some reasons why you should consider partnering up with fellow women creators today.

Common grounds for understanding and co-operation

As I said before, the corporate world can be tricky. This encompasses issues such as non-inclusivity in spaces, creative hegemony, lack of sensitivity and overworking.

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However, as an independent creator, reaching out to women in the same boat can establish better routes of communication.

It ensures a specific understanding of working and living conditions, routines or prior commitments. Especially for women working from home, facing issues with the commute, balancing jobs or raising children, collaborating with women can eliminate the need to adhere to strict office hours, rulebooks etc.

Better connectivity and networking

Good business has little to do with the company name, but more about the mutual trust and communication between those invested in it. It is important to prioritize working with fellow women as it brings about more opportunities to exchange suggestions, recommendations, job opportunities and collaboration.

More than moving up the corporate ladder, it serves to enrich the experience of working from a place of ease and drive.

According to Linda Yaccarino, Chairman of Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal, it is important to: “Seek out people who you admire. Ask for advice, and follow up. Participate wherever and however you can. In short, be a doer!”

To create a better niche

Finding fellow creators and startup founders in similar fields can be a boon. Aside from being keenly aware of resources, supply, costs, demand and target audience, two heads are always better than one. It opens up opportunities to reassess, find out what works and go in with better resources.

Often working with people is all about trial and error. When collaborating, women can intuitively perfect the goal of their brand, learn from each other and articulate the values they wish to build around their content or product.

To rally better for collective goals

Some fields can stifle the scope for a new intervention, especially when trying to break out of previously limited scope. With women-led collaborations, it is easier to pinpoint the pitfalls of previous projects in the same field or the merits of a newer, improved model.

For example, a cottage industry that allows women to work from home may be contrary to the in-factory, routine output procedure.

However, that doesn’t negate the ease of working from home, especially for women. More startup models that accommodate such ideals and goals can be brought about given sufficient support from many women investors.


Ann Friedman’s Shine Theory discussed the idea that when you help another woman rise, bringing attention to her achievements, all women shine. It is important, as a community, to uplift fellow women, to support their ideas and ventures and allow the same credit and support for your own.

Many might feel initially like their attention is being taken away from themselves. However, goodwill is a circle and what is given out among people is reflected right back.

It is important to prove yourself as a supportive team player and leader before expecting commitment from people and long-term results.

Better content and ideas

Naturally, working on ideas, content and all aspects of an ambitious startup can be tiring work. An exhausted mind is less likely to perform regularly and at peak efficiency. It is important to leave room for collaboration, especially as a woman with other women creators.

An individual vision also may not always be able to mentally cover a wider audience. For example, a podcast talking about minority experiences is incomplete without collaboration from women belonging to such minorities. The best content happens between people.

Improved consultation and advice

We celebrate trailblazers, but it must be addressed how intimidating navigating a new field can be. All women are on varying journeys through their independent ventures.

Coming together can expose either party to old experiences and new challenges. It is recommended to open yourself to the experiences of fellow women as well as locate hitches to work through together.

Better support and guidance

It is important to build a core group of go-to trusted women in case of emergencies or when you need honest advice. Another reason why women collaborate with others is that it frees the conversation of many gender biases.

Every business plan needs a team for approval and to point out pitfalls. Consider women, trusted friends from different backgrounds to be a control group to rub by pitches, key business introductions and such.

Final thoughts

Are you still wondering why women should collaborate with other women? Working together is little about shaking hands and handing business cards. Any venture needs trust, loyalty and humanity to sustain itself.

Core relationships, and an open and curious mind, on the other hand, touch hearts and creates everlasting partnerships. It is important to nurture such partnerships.

Image source: Roadnae Productions, via pexels, free and edited on CanvaPro

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