A Handy Guide: How To Start A Beauty Parlour Business In India

Learn how to start a beauty parlour and tap this rapidly growing business effectively by following the tips in this comprehensive guide.

[ Learn how to start a beauty parlour and tap this rapidly growing business effectively by following the tips in this comprehensive guide. ]

Whenever you visit a parlour, there always seems to be a rush, and God forbid, if you go without making a prior appointment, you will find yourself waiting for an inordinately long period. This goes on to show that the beauty industry offers massive opportunities and excellent business prospects.

When my close friend was planning to start a salon of her own, I learned about the various aspects one needs to consider before venturing into a salon business.

This article discusses how to start a beauty parlour business and establish yourself in this ever-growing industry.

The ultimate guide on how to start a beauty parlour

To start any business, along with passion, one also needs expertise in the relevant sector. In the beauty business, you will need certification or experience to create a name for yourself in this sector.

As in the salon business, you need to be well versed in different kinds of specialization, including.

  • Skincare course: Skincare and aesthetic professionals are sought out by those who suffer from skin issues like acne, scars, pigmentation etc.
  • Makeup artist course: Whether it’s to look their best on their wedding day or just to have some light makeup done for an event, makeup artists are always in high demand.
  • Hairstylist courses:  Getting a good haircut or hairstyle is just what you need to uplift your mood. Hence, it’s a great idea to specialize in this skill.
  • Nail beauty and nail art courses: People want their nails to look immaculate at all times, and that’s why nail art and nail health have become a rage now.
  • Spa course:  These courses teach massage and other physiotherapy techniques, which are in high demand nowadays.

You can either pick up these skills gradually over time or join a good academy where you can pick up all these skills at once.

The VLCC Institute, Pearl Academy, Lakme Academy etc., are some beauty academies that offer courses that will help you master various skills.

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How to start a beauty parlour- The things to keep in mind before kickstarting your new business

  • Prepare a business plan

The crux of a good business plan includes doing a market analysis and research in the area where you intend to start your salon business.

You will have to do in-depth research on the prices and range of services your competitors offer. A business plan must also include available funds, monthly rentals, interiors, products, target customers, return on investment and more.

  • Location

One of the critical factors to consider while understanding how to start a beauty parlour include selecting the correct location. The location of the saloon could be the fine line that could determine its success or failure.

I personally find a parlour that is easily accessible and has greater visibility more convenient as I can reach it without any hassles.

Give preference to salons on the ground floors and those on the main roads. Avoid opting for salons on the higher-up floor, as customers find it challenging to access.

  •  Determine the kind of services your salon will offer

After identifying your customer base, determine the prices and services your salon will provide. Beauty salons offer a wide range of services like hairstyling, skincare, manicures, pedicures, bridal makeup, hair colouring and more. Based on this, there are three types of salons you can start: –

    • Economy: This category offers essential services only, the prices are highly affordable, and the products used will be of the lower-priced segment.
    • Business: This category will provide mid-range services of higher quality. The staff in such salons will be better skilled and can offer advice and consultations to their customers.
    • Premium: As the name suggests, this category will offer high-end services and employ staff well versed with the products, technologies and services provided to elite clientele
  • Have a strategy in place for building client loyalty

As a customer, I know that I will keep returning to those salons where the staff is pleasant and efficient, value customer feedback, and are consistent in their services.

To build a loyal customer base, you need to go that extra mile and ensure you have various promotions, attractive discounts and innovative offers before starting your business.

This step will not only attract new customers, but will also help retain the old ones.

  • Products and Equipment

Making an exhaustive list of all the products and equipment your salon will need is another crucial step in how to start a beauty parlour. For example, a simple hair spa service will need steamers, hair spa creams, professional combs, serums etc.

So you will need to be ready with all these products and require space to store and display them. Raw materials and high-quality equipment can often be expensive, and just the raw materials could work out to Rs. 15 to 30 lakhs in India.

  • Hiring staff

Running a salon business can never be a one-man show. You will need the support of experienced staff to serve your customers adequately.

Hence, before you start a salon, make sure you invest in the right team who will be responsible for the kind of experience your customer will ultimately enjoy.

Checking whether the candidates have certifications in courses, experience in other salons, diplomas from established beauty academies, and recommendation letters are some ways to judge whether you are hiring the best.

  • Get your licences in place

To operate a beauty salon in India, you will need to acquire some licences from the local government bodies. Below is the list of some of the licences you may need:

    • GST registration
    • Business registration
    • Professional tax licence for employed staff who draw a salary over Rs10,000
    • Trade licence from the municipal corporation

There are some other licences, like fire safety, that you may need to run a salon.

  • Establish a marketing plan

You must assign a portion of your funds to market your parlour business. Building a website for your salon is the first step towards showcasing your brand to your target audience.

Starting a Facebook page and using print media are other ways to market your salon.

If you want to provide salon services right at your customer’s homes, you can list your salon on platforms like Urban Company.


Once your salon reaches a certain level of popularity, you can even tie up with famous brands to become a franchise model, as my friend did. Setting up a parlour does not happen quickly.

It takes time, patience and a good amount of planning to establish a successful business.

However, with the steps mentioned above on how to start a beauty parlour, you can prepare well and set up a good beauty parlour with ease.

Image source: Still from Sketch Comedy| If Parlour Wali Didi Were Honest | Captain Nick

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