10 Vegan Lifestyle Bloggers: Indian Women Are Building A Better World

Check out these top 10 Indian women vegan lifestyle bloggers who have taken the concept of plant-based diets to a new dimension

When I had a vegan couple visiting us for dinner, I needed guidance about what to offer them. I quickly googled and was surprised when I came across numerous vegan recipes shared by several Indian vegan lifestyle bloggers on their channels.

Since then, I have been following these inspiring ladies who have adopted veganism and are dispelling various misconceptions about plant-based living on their social media platforms.

Thanks to the internet, veganism is now garnering global attention. It is a prevalent lifestyle choice that many people are making to embrace healthy and sustainable living.

Today being World Vegan Day, we have shared the top 10 Indian female vegan lifestyle bloggers who have amassed a huge following through their innovative content.

Let us first understand what a vegan diet is

A vegan diet or veganism involves consuming a diet that only involves plants. Those who follow this diet abstains from using animal products, including dairy, eggs, meat etc. Some people don’t even consume honey. People who follow a vegan lifestyle don’t use anything made of animals, including clothing, leather bags or any other products.

A vegan diet can promote weight loss, improves heart health, encourages good gut health, lowers blood sugar levels and even improves kidney function.

The top Indian female vegan lifestyle bloggers on YouTube

  • Radhi Devlukia Shetty

Radhi Shetty is one of the most popular Indian vegan lifestyle bloggers.

She shares plant-based recipes that combine the unique flavours and cultures of the various places where she spent her time during her growing years. She has worked as a plant-based dietician and is interested in Ayurveda.

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Whether it’s food or skincare, her mantra is being 100% natural. Her YouTube channel and Instagram feed have a variety of vegan recipes. I have tried her crispy cauliflower tikka wings & tacos recipe, which is absolutely delectable.

  • Richa Hingle

Richa Hingle dons multiple hats of a blogger, photographer and award-winning recipe developer. She loves to show how easy it is to whip up Indian s vegan dishes and those of other cuisines.

 Her recipes are the perfect amalgamation of complex flavours and whole foods like beans, lentils, legumes, nuts, veggies, etc.

Her channel showcases an impressive array of baked dishes, sweets and savoury dishes like ladoos, milkshakes, burgers and more that are entirely plant-based and free of dairy.

  • Nisha Vora 

Nisha Vora’s also known as Rainbow Plant Life on her YouTube channel.

Her channel consists of an exciting repertoire of plant-based dishes you can use on a date night, a fancy dinner or a lazy weekend at home. The best part of her dishes is that they are bursting with flavour and taste.

She aims to show how easy vegan cooking can be and provides insight into which ingredients are ideal as milk or dairy substitutes. I love her 5-minute vegan lunch ideas, and her vegan palak paneer recipe is the one I cook whenever I have to entertain any of my vegan friends.

  • Nayana Premnath

Nayana Premnath’s channel aims to show how one can implement a sustainable lifestyle into one’s daily routine. Through her new videos, she promotes zero-waste living, veganism and how to be self-sufficient.

Some of her quirky videos, like what to do with clothes you do not wear any more, eco-friendly gifting ideas, and how to switch to a zero-waste life, are eye-opening.

She understands that changing your lifestyle can’t happen overnight, however doing your bit even in a small way can help create a positive impact on the environment.

Check out her social media handles if you want to know what fashion brands to avoid, how adopting a vegan lifestyle need not be expensive, zero waste shopping and more.

Best Indian vegan lifestyle bloggers on Instagram

  •  Purvi Shah

Purvi Shah switched to veganism after watching an inspiring documentary on the vegan lifestyle. She started her channel to dispel the myth that vegan foods are not bland and lack nutrients, but can be wholesome and appetizing.

Purvi not only promotes vegan food, but also strongly vouches for animal cruelty-free products and fashion to live a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Another cause very close to her heart is mental and emotional well-being, and she aims to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health conditions. Her recipes of vegan coconut jaggery modaks and lemon turmeric balls are a must-try.

  • Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Nidhi is a well-known face in the health & fitness industry. She believes one can be strong and fit while adopting an entirely plant-based lifestyle.

She is a food scientist and wellness expert and writes regular columns and blogs on food, nutrition and fitness for The Times of India, Asian Age and other online platforms.

Not only that, but she has expertise in different forms of training like yoga, Pilates, dancing, weight training etc. Her videos and photos not only share workouts, but also diet suggestions and healthy vegan recipes.

  • Priyanka Naik

Priyanka Naik is a self-taught vegan chef, tv host and author. Her Indian heritage is prominent in her cooking, as she weaves different Indian elements into her innovative vegan recipes.

She is also an avid traveller, which is why her channel showcases several globally inspired plant-based recipes, making her one of the best vegan lifestyle bloggers.

Whether it’s her Indian pickles or vegan burgers, Priyanka’s recipes make it difficult for people to believe they are eating vegan food. With a range of exciting flavours and aromatic spices, Priyanka is transforming how the world looks at Indian vegan cuisine.

She also endorses zero-waste cooking and sustainable fashion, along with veganism.

Popular vegan lifestyle food bloggers

  • Reshu Drolia

Reshu Drolia is a food lover, food stylist and author who lives in Kolkata with her husband and two children. She started her culinary journey in 2014 by launching her YouTube channel Mint Recipes Hindi.

This vegan influencer provides her followers with recipes that are easy to follow and can be made with readily available ingredients.

Her feed consists of a mouth-watering mix of sweets and savouries like cakes, cookies, pastries, puddings etc. She has a loyal follower base of 400k on her Instagram handle.

  • Priti

Priti’s Instagram feed consists of a range of aesthetically appealing vegan dishes that are a unique mix of innovation and tradition. Priti makes it a point to share the story behind each recipe.

Her gluten-free and healthy recipes have a fan base of their own. She is passionate about creating simple, blanched, wholesome and tasty meals.

Her exclusive collection of recipes not only include heirloom recipes shared by family and friends, but also from cuisine all over the world. All her dishes are homemade, and her mango phirni recipe is my favourite.

  • Pooja Masurkar

Pooja Masurkar is a trained pastry chef who aims to showcase vegan pâtisserie in India. With a keen eye for plating, she uses only seasonal, ethically sourced local ingredients that help her create exquisite delicacies each time.

Along with developing new vegan recipes, she loves spreading the joy of baking through her online vegan baking school.

Her IG feed is mesmerizing, and you will find yourself drooling over her vegan white chocolate roasted cashew ganache, vanilla pannacotta and vegan hazelnut praline gelato.


Veganism is a lifestyle that offers numerous benefits. The above-mentioned vegan lifestyle bloggers are going all out to showcase how sustainable living and eating is the way forward.

These influencers are not only inspiring but also promote awareness of vegan-related lifestyles, products, recipes, fashion, skincare, and so much more. You, too, can incorporate veganism into your life by simply following their social media handles.

Image source: Instagram, Youtube, Respective Websites of the bloggers, edited on CanvaPro

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