8 Yummy Calcium Rich Recipes For Kids. No More Worries Now If They Refuse To Drink Milk!

Check out these calcium rich recipes for kids. which are especially needed for those who do not like drinking milk.

Check out these calcium rich recipes for kids. which are especially needed for those who do not like drinking milk. 

I think there is an anxious phase for many parents and that is when their kids start to hate milk. No wonder the energy drink powders for kids are making such a huge business! Add a spoonful of that and see; your anxiety and the glass of milk – both will disappear in minutes!

Honestly, even at my age it is difficult even for me to drink a glass of plain milk – I am so much used to drinking it flavoured. Now I do not want to pass on the same to my child but feel guilty of denying him the taste – the amazing taste that comes with these flavours. Hence I decided not to drink them myself daily, so that I could impose some discipline around milk.

We both made a deal finally – Ragi (finger millet) porridge with milk on weekdays, energy drink powders on weekends – does it sound good enough?

There are a very few lucky parents who do not have any milk battles with children, those who love and drink plain milk. There are some who come to terms with using energy drink powders. There are others who have made peace with the fact that their child doesn’t like to drink milk and it is ok.

However, given the fact that milk is a big source of calcium and is very essential for strong bones and teeth, how do we manage to fulfill the nutrition gap? There are other calcium rich alternatives like cheese, curd, leafy greens, millets, etc. which need to be consciously included in the regular diet to fill the nutrition gap.

Of course curds can be eaten directly, either plain or in the form of flavoured yougurt, but kids would love some variety too! Here are some calcium rich recipes for kids that you could try.

Spiced creamy broccoli soup

I was so happy to find that my child loves broccoli. Whenever I make pasta, I blanch broccoli and keep them aside, only to find that half of them would be gone before I add them to the sauce. I couldn’t be happier! Apart from pasta, this creamy broccoli soup is a great variation, try it out!

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Spiced creamy broccoli soup recipe

The authentic badam halwa!

In this land of sweets, halwas are a hit as they suit everyone, right from babies to elders in the family! This calcium rich recipe for kids calls for loads of almonds and it is lip-smacking good! Time to pin it and try this recipe for the festive season.

Badam halwa recipe

Wraps loaded with paneer and cheese

This calcium rich recipe for kids contains both cheese and the Indian cheese, paneer. Kids usually love rolls and this makes up for a good school box idea as well. Use this opportunity to sneak in all those healthy veggies which your child would otherwise avoid to make a fun wrap in no time.

Paneer cheese wraps recipe

Millet rich chocolate cake

Ragi or finger millet is a good source of calcium and is also a great local food to try. It is very versatile and Ragi flour can be added in dosa, chapathi etc to make it calcium rich. This calcium rich recipe for kids is good variation to regular wheat flour cakes and makes up for a nutritious snack.

Ragi banana chocolate cake recipe

Oats & spinach combo

This is a best combo in terms of calcium rich recipes for kids. Both oatmeal and spinach/palak are high in calcium and an Indian recipe of pongal with moong dal in it, turns out to be a delicious and super healthy breakfast option!

Oats spinach pongal recipe

Dried figs in a pulao

Now that’s interesting! This is a sweeter version of traditional pulao and is easier to prepare. The rice would have a rich aroma and definitely comes under calcium rich recipes for kids with the use of figs and other nuts.

Indian sweet rice with dried figs and nuts recipe

Homemade orange delicacy

Who doesn’t like a lovely golden spread on a toast, which is homemade and calcium rich? Yes, oranges are calcium rich and this homemade marmalade recipe is a good way get that dose of calcium inside in an enjoyable way.

Orange marmalade recipe

Spicy scrambled tofu

Tofu can be described as vegan version of paneer, which comes from coagulating soy milk. Soy is a very good source of calcium, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Try this bhurji recipe with tofu, which is otherwise made with famous paneer. This calcium rich recipe for kids can be used as filling in wraps and breads too.

Tofu bhurji recipe

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Image source: By Alpha from Melbourne, Australia (Cream of Broccoli Soup) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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