5 Effective Home Based Loose Motion Remedies That Are Lifesavers In Lockdown

During the lockdown, when getting medical help for an upset tummy could be difficult, these loose motion remedies found at home will help.

During the lockdown, when getting medical help for an upset tummy could be difficult, these loose motion remedies found at home will help.

Most of us have been in those unfortunate circumstances where we find ourselves or our loved ones gripped with loose motions that are very uncomfortable.

We may try to resort to a quick antidote that we know, or want to go to a doctor for help, but it is also vital for us to be familiar with other loose motion remedies easily available at home that can help, and even prevent things taking a turn for the worse.

These will be especially a lifesaver and sanity saver for parents of young children who may not be able to tell them how they are feeling, and in whom loose motions can lead very quickly to complications better avoided. Easily found at home, these loose motion remedies can also ease the worries until medical help is at hand.

What are these loose motion remedies?

Rice Kanji

Kanji or grain water is considered to be rich in carbohydrates. It is known for its ability to treat various conditions ailments, loose motions being one of them.

Rice water can be given to replenish the lost water content. It can be very effective, especially for infants and even older children who can very quickly take a turn for the worse, and are usually vulnerable to loose motions.

Kanji is also known for keeping our bowel movements healthy.

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Ripe bananas

Foods rich in potassium, such as bananas are highly recommended and have been one of the most effective loose motion remedies for a lot of people.

Eating ripe bananas helps in revival of the lost electrolytes in the body, gets digestion back to normal, and helps us feel energized and fresh again. It also helps to regularise bowel motions and eliminate toxins.

Drink plenty of fluids

We lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes (sodium, chloride and potassium) during loose motions. When the losses are not replaced adequately, deficiency of water and electrolytes develop, which may lead to dehydration, especially dangerous in very young children.

What are the fluids that help best? The best and most easily available in India is plain boiled water to which you add a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt per glass, sipped constantly.

Drinking Ginger or Lemon Tea can also help to rehydrate the body and replenish fluids lost during loose motions, since both contain anti- fungal and anti – bacterial properties.

Instead of the sugar and salt solution mentioned earlier, you can also use commercially available Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) solution. It replaces the lost fluids and essential salts. The glucose contained in ORS solutions enables the intestine to absorb the fluids are salts.

Avoid certain foods and drinks

We should be mindful of the food we consume and the drinks we take during loose motions, in order to prevent the sensitive condition from escalating further.

Avoid greasy and junk foods, processed foods, spicy food, milk and other dairy products (except yogurt/ dahi, which is actually beneficial), carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc. All these can aggravate the loose motions by either irritating the gut further, being difficult to digest, or due to sensitivity as in the possibility of lactose intolerance leasing to loose motions.

Rest, as much as possible

During loose motions, our body loses a lot of water and fluids which may make us feel weak and lethargic. Thus, besides eating and drinking the recommended foods and drinks in order to keep ourselves well hydrated and active, taking proper rest is also one of the most important of loose motion remedies. It is also recommended that you avoid strenuous exercise while facing loose motions.

Medical help

If the loose motions aren’t being controlled within a day or so by these home based loose motion remedies, or if you have other symptoms like fever that point to an infection, a visit to the doctor might be essential.

Treatment will depend on what the diagnosis is. The doctor may ask if we travelled anywhere recently. They may also ask if anyone around us is also suffering from loose motions, and what our diet has been in the past few days. They may suggest some tests.

If the doctor thinks that some specific foods are causing our loose motions, they may ask us to avoid that item for some time, and may prescribe medication along with the loose motion remedies you have already been implementing.

If there are any other home based loose motion remedies you are familiar with, please do share in comments. And stay healthy and safe.

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