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Aruna Asaf Ali
Aruna Asaf Ali Was A Political Activist Who Fought Against All Odds

Way ahead of her time, educator & political activist Aruna Asaf Ali remains an inspiration to all Indian women who dream of great heights.

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the Social Paathshala
The Social Paathshala Aims To Make Senior Citizens Tech Savvy, Says Founder Mahima Bhalotia!

Mahima Bhatolia began The Social Paathshala to educate senior citizens in digital literacy, something so essential now during the pandemic.

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What to do When I'm Gone
What To Do When I’m Gone – An ‘Instruction Manual’ For Getting Through Life Without A Mom

As someone who has lost her mom, the book What to do When I'm Gone serves as a reminder of the advice my mother would want to give me on how to go through life without her.

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Mahua Moitra
Mahua Moitra Is A Formidable Woman, NOT A ‘Man’ For Her Fiery Stance In The Lok Sabha!

Politician Mahua Moitra’s fiery speech in the Lok Sabha garnered a lot of attention, which included misogynistic tweets too, like one that referred to her as "one of the few 'men' in Lok Sabha".

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From Bollywood To Real Life, Why Are Revenge Crimes Still So Rampant?

A man in Hyderabad attacked a woman for sending him to jail for harassing her. Women really aren't safe anywhere, are they?

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Bombay HC: Even Indirect Media Disclosure Of Identity Of Sexual Abuse Survivors Is Punishable 

The Bombay High Court put additional restraints on print and electronic media and barred them from publishing the identity of rape victims. 

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10y.o. Refused To Do A Math Question Comparing Girls’ Weights; We Need More Kids To Speak Up!

Children internalize misogyny from observing, reading, and watching things and people around them. Let's set a better example.

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Vikram Bhatt Calls Sunny Leone A ‘Self-Proclaimed OCD Patient’ – Here’s What We Think

Vikram Bhatt calling Sunny Leone a 'self-proclaimed OCD patient,' is problematic as it trivialises the seriousness of mental illnesses.

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women friendly rulings
How Millions Of Indian Women Benefited From 10 Court Rulings In 2020; And You Can Too!

Let us look at 10 women friendly rulings by various courts in the country in the year since the last Republic Day in 2020.

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women leaders of India in protests
Presenting 30 Women Leaders Of India, For Those Who Feel ‘Women Have No Place In Protests’

Throughout history, various brave and selfless women leaders of India have led social and political movements, leaving a monumental impact.

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Women Can Only Be Either Smart Or Beautiful, Says Big B’s Latest Comment!

Amitabh Bachchan recently seemingly 'complimented' the IMF Chief Gita Gopinath. But the comment only showed our sexist beliefs about women. 

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Mom With Crying Baby Allegedly Offloaded From Vistara Flight; Shows Our Lack Of Empathy?

A mother and her 4 month old daughter were allegedly offloaded from a flight travelling from Chennai to Delhi after the infant was deemed to be ‘disturbing’ the passengers.

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She Runs Government
India’s 1st Fellowship For Women Who Want To Enter Politics Launched By Femme First Foundation!

She Runs Government, a fellowship program launched by the Femme First Foundation will focus on training and mentoring of women in politics.

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badaun rape & murder
NCW Member Shows Usual Insensitivity By Blaming Victim For Badaun Rape & Murder

NCW Member Chandramukhi Devi’s insensitive remarks against Badaun rape & murder victim is yet another sexist incident of victim blaming. 

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Ram Gopal Varma Ka Sexism: Will The Director Ever Stop Spouting Nonsense?

Once again, director Ram Gopal Varma has managed to put his foot in his mouth by making an incredibly sexist remark. Will he ever stop?

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Why Are Women Still Forbidden From Eating & Called Names For Their Appetites By In-Laws?

On the one hand, our families almost force-feed their sons-in-law and on the other, forbid DILs from eating. Some women share their stories. 

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A Year After JNU Violence, Censor Board Rejects Parvathy Starrer Varthamanam On Student Protests

Kerala Censor board rejects Varthamanam, based on student led JNU protests; shows their discomfort with 'difficult' subjects, that make men, or powers that be, uncomfortable.

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relatable quotes for teenage girls
10 Relatable Quotes For Teenage Girls When No One Seems To Understand You!

Being a teenage girl isn't the easiest today. But for days when you feel like no one gets you, here are 10 relatable quotes for teenage girls!

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This New Court Ruling On In-Law’s Taunts Normalises Mistreatment Of DILs

A recent ruling by a Sessions Court claiming in-laws' taunts are a part of daily life only goes on to show our regressive minsets.

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Why Punjab & Haryana HC’s New Ruling On Live-In Relationships Is A Ray Of Hope

Punjab and Haryana HC's latest ruling gives two consenting adults the right to live-in without any interference. Finally, some good news?

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Bombay Rose
5 Reasons Why Bombay Rose, India’s Entry To Oscar’s Under Animated Films, Is A Must-Watch

Bombay Rose by Gitanjali Rao is shortlisted for the 2021 Oscar's in the Animated Films category. 5 reasons everyone needs to watch it!

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Arya Rajendra
Who Is Arya Rajendran; The Youngest Mayor Elected In The History Of India?

Arya Rajendran, with her win as the youngest Mayor in the history of India, is an inspiration to young women with political dreams!

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Mark Your 2021 Movie Calendar For These 5 Hindi Films About Strong Women

Almost at the threshold of a new year, we must keep an eye out for these exciting Hindi films about strong women that are set to be released in 2021. 

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9 Easy Eggless Cake Recipes To Make Your Christmas Sweeter!

With Christmas just around the corner, cakes are a must! Here we have 9 eggless cake recipes for you to bake at home for a jolly Christmas!

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Karima Baloch
How Karima Baloch’s Death Again Proves That Women Face Violence When They Speak Up

Karima Baloch, a human rights activist from Pakistan has been found dead after she went missing in Canada. 

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weak uterine lining
What Does It Mean To Have A Weak Uterine Lining That Vandana Sajnani Khattar Spoke About?

With Vandana Sajnani Khattar opening about her pregnancy complications, here's everything you need to know about a weak uterine lining.

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Karnataka HC Upholds Married Daughter’s Equal Right To Job On Compassionate Grounds

A job on compassionate grounds after the death of her father was denied to his daughter just because she is married. Karnataka HC says this is violation of right to equality.

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10 Women Who Recently Won The Laadli Media & Advertising Awards For Gender Sensitivity 2020!

The 10th edition of The National Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2020 held yesterday honoured a large number of women creators.

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Dr Jill Biden
Like Most Married Indian Women, Dr Jill Biden Was Told To Drop ‘Dr’ And Just Be First Lady!

A sexist article in the Wall Street Journal asked Dr Jill Biden to drop the  honorific Dr to just be First Lady, now that her husband is President Elect of the US. 

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Human Rights Day
Inhuman Disregard Shown For Basic Rights Of These Women During COVID A Matter Of Shame

This World Human Rights day, let us look at how COVID-19 revealed our worst selves, almost overnight destroying some fundamental rights of these marginalised. 

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Anju Bobby George’s One Kidney Story Tells Young Women They Too Can Achieve Against Odds

Olympian Anju Bobby George’s revelation proves that women still struggle with the shame of imperfections even if they make it to the top.

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loose motion remedies
5 Effective Home Based Loose Motion Remedies That Are Lifesavers In Lockdown

During the lockdown, when getting medical help for an upset tummy could be difficult, these loose motion remedies found at home will help.

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Why Has Priyanka Chopra Jonas Named Her Upcoming Memoir ‘Unfinished’?

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has just announced the release of her memoir titled ‘Unfinished’ on 19th January, 2021, and speaks of what drives her.

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Women’s Voices Only 14% In Indian Journalism & News Stories, Says Recent Gates Foundation Report

A recent Gates Foundation report shows underrepresentation of women in journalism in India, and that women were quoted voices in only 14% of online news stories in India.

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anganwadi workers
Anganwadi Workers Should Get Their Due For Exemplary Work During COVID-19

As we observe International Volunteer’s Day today, let’s look at the selfless efforts made by Anganwadi workers in India who are at the frontline volunteering during COVID-19. 

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Netflix Free This Weekend: 11 Films & Shows By Women, About Women To Binge Watch

Netflix announces free subscription for 2 days on the 5th and 6th of Dec, so you can binge watch 11 amazing shows, movies and documentaries on women! 

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Disale global teacher prize
Maha ZP School Teacher Revolutionises Education Of Tribal Girls; Wins $ 1M Global Teacher Prize

Ranjitsinh Disale wins the global teacher prize this year for promoting girls' education in tribal communities and introducing QR Coded textbooks for school children.

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How Women And Kids With Disability Have An Extra Disadvantage In COVID Times

With the deepening inequalities during this pandemic, women and kids with disabilities, and their caregivers (usually women) face a much greater disadvantage. 

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how to be a trans ally
4 Tips To Be A Better Trans Ally: Juno & Umbrella Academy Star Elliot Page Comes Out As Trans

With actor Elliot Page (Juno, Umbrella Academy) coming out as a trans man, can we learn how to be a trans ally to our loved ones? 

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Health care workers HIV AIDS
Shouldn’t Health Workers, Nurses Doing Care Work For HIV & AIDS Get A Say In Policy Making?

Nurses and other health care workers are at the forefront of essential care for HIV infected and AIDS patients, but do they get a say in policy making?

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This Show Made Fun Of Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant; Are We Raising An Insensitive Generation?

Students in the show Saved by the Bell reboot made fun of Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant. What about the responsibility of media? #RespectSelenaGomez has been one of the top trending topics on Twitter for a couple of days. Fans of singer and actor Selena Gomez trended it to express their anger and resentment over the […]

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Lack Of Aadhar, Bank Ac A Worry For Sex Workers Promised Aid By Maha Govt In Pandemic

The Maharashtra govt set to provide Rs. 5000/- per month and 5-kg ration to sex workers every month, starting from October until the pandemic is over, though there are questions on identification.

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Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle Talks Of The Pain & Grief After Her Pregnancy Loss In July This Year

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, speaking of her pregnancy loss earlier this year, calls for compassion at a time when the world needs it the most.

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elimination of violence against women during COVID
Steep Increase In Violence Against Women During COVID Needs Global & Local Action

Unite by 2030 for elimination of violence against women during COVID is a crucial campaign by UN Women to counter this increase in gender based violence.

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‘Right To Partner Of Choice A Fundamental Right’ Significant Ruling By Allahabad High Court! 

In a historic judgment, the Allahabad High Court has ruled “the right to choose a partner is a fundamental right.” This is a positive step for inter community marriages.

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This Orissa HC Ruling A Relief For Survivors Of Gender Based Violence Targeted On Social Media!

Orissa High Court ruled today that personal content of a rape survivor shared on social media by rapist needs to be erased, as it is a violation of her fundamental right to privacy and right to be forgotten.

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