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What Does It Mean To Have A Weak Uterine Lining That Vandana Sajnani Khattar Spoke About?

With Vandana Sajnani Khattar opening about her pregnancy complications, here's everything you need to know about a weak uterine lining.


With Vandana Sajnani Khattar opening about her pregnancy complications, here’s everything you need to know about a weak uterine lining.

Recently, Vandana Sajnani Khattar opened up about the problems she faced in the initial stages of her pregnancy and even after the birth of her child. Like the actor-director-producer, several women go through a lot of difficulties during their pregnancies. The only reason we don’t hear about these is that talking openly about it is still frowned upon in society. 

However, conversations surrounding pregnancy complications and pregnancy loss have started happening more often. After Meghan Markle and Chrissy Teigen, Vandana Sajnani Khattar also spoke up about the complications during her pregnancy.

Vandana shared that while carrying twins in 2019, she was told that she had a weak uterine lining which needed to be treated. For the next few months, she was put on complete bed rest as a treatment to the complication.

“I was bedridden and couldn’t even put my leg down to go to the bathroom. I was using a bedpan for three months,” she said according to this report. Unfortunately, she lost one of her babies due to ‘a poorly-thought-out medical decision.’ And her son Yuvaan was born prematurely.

Here is everything you need to know about having a weak uterine lining and some common causes and treatments, according to doctors.

What does it mean to have a weak uterine lining?

The uterine lining is known as endometrium which shows up as a dark line on the screen during an ultrasound or MRI. A thick and healthy endometrium ensures effective plantation of fertilised eggs inside the uterus. It also nourishes the fetus later in the pregnancy.

A uterine lining of minimum 8mm thick is considered satisfactory while anything less than 7mm is a thin or weak uterine lining. During pregnancy, successful implantation of the foetus cannot place if the lining is thin and may lead to complications and failure in pregnancy.

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A weak uterine lining can be caused due to a number of reasons including low oestrogen levels, a damaged uterine lining, inadequate blood flow and uterine fibroids. You can read more about it here or consult your doctor.

The symptoms and treatments for a weak uterine lining

Skipped periods or complete absence of menstruation, painful periods, pelvic pain and issues pertaining to fertility are some of the symptoms of a weak uterine lining.

Apart from bed rest, there are other treatments of a thin uterine lining. These include acupuncture, regular exercise, or hysteroscopy (a procedure where the doctor looks inside the uterus to diagnose/treat abnormal bleeding).

However, there are other treatments that the doctor may recommend depending on the woman’s physical condition.

Picture credits: Screenshots from Vandana Sajnani Khattar’s Instagram handle.

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