10 Women Who Recently Won The Laadli Media & Advertising Awards For Gender Sensitivity 2020!

The 10th edition of The National Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2020 held yesterday honoured a large number of women creators.

The 10th edition of The National Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2020 held yesterday honoured a large number of women creators.

Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivityinstituted by PopulationFirstare held every year to honour content creators and media persons, people who use their platform to highlight gender issues and insensitivity.

On 15th December 2020, the prestigious national level awards recognised and awarded many such media persons, among whom were a large number of women in media and advertising who used their voices in the best way possible to highlight women’s issues in 2019.

Here are some of the women who highlighted the pressing issues faced by women through editorials, blogs, e-magazine, featured, investigative stories, news stories and won the 2020 Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity.

For Web| E- Magazine| English

Shruti Sharada 

Shruti Sharda won the award for her report in Women’s Web on The Sexual Violence Of Flashing And The Problem With Saying It Could Have Been Worse where she highlights that sexual harassment comes in many forms, one of them being flashing and how it is not discussed in the society, rather women are gaslighted into thinking that they could’ve had it worse.

For Feature Film

Gitanjali Rao for Bombay Rose

Bombay Rose, an animated film written, edited, directed and designed by Gitanjali Rao presents an interfaith romance between a man who falls in love with a girl who is a flower seller. It won the award “for exploring the themes of patriarchy and masculinity.”

For Documentary

Farha Khatun for Holy Rights

Holy Rights by Farha Khatun won the award for her documentary which focuses on the journey of Safia Akhtar, a deeply religious Muslim woman from Madhya Pradesh who realizes that due to patriarchal mindset, muslim women are denied equality. Thus, she joins a programme that trains women as qazis, traditionally a male preserve. The documentary also focuses on the movement against Triple Talaq.

For Web Series

Zoya Akhtar for Made In Heaven

The web series directed by Zoya Akhtar which focuses on the reality of what really goes behind the lavish Indian weddings won the award for “giving an insight into the complex social reality behind them.”

For Book| Non – Fiction – Autobiography

Lisa Ray for Close To The Bone

Lisa Ray won the award for an insightful and inspiring autobiography titled Close To The Bone. In her memoir, she talks about her journey which includes her conquering various obstacles– from misogyny to battling cancer.

For Book | Non- Fiction – Sports/Adventure

Suprita Das for Free Hit

Suprita Das won the award for “an extremely well-researched and comprehensive documentation of women’s cricket in India.” The book highlights the various challenges a bunch of women face  for their right to play.

For Book | Fiction

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar for The Radiance Of Thousand Suns

For “giving a voice to the women whose stories mostly remain unheard, and for highlighting the plight of women who faced the horrors of the 1947 partition and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots”, this award was presented to author Manreet Sodhi Someshwar.

For promoting gender sensitivity in media reporting

Sameera Khan

For “her efforts in influencing the young journalists and employing an unbiased approach in reporting”, journalist Sameera Khan was presented with the award for promoting gender sensitivity in media reporting.

Priyanka Dahale Award for a young promising journalist

Neetu Singh

Priyanka Dabhale was a young, promising journalist who was unfortunately killed in a rod accident a few years ago, and this award is instituted in her name.

Journalist Neetu Singh won the award for “covering the issues faced by women in the remotest regions of India in a series of articles  which are not highlighted in the mainstream news”. She presents the stories of various role models in ‘Ankahi Kahaniya.’ The impactful issues covered by her can be found at gaonconnection.com

Laadli Lifetime Achievement Award

Usha Khanna

Usha Khanna is the third female music director to enter the Hindi film industry and the most commercially successful music director among them in Bollywood. She is most known for songs like, “chhodo kal ki baatein” and “dil deke dekho.” “For making a mark in the male dominated music industry with a career spanning for more than 4 decades”, Usha Khanna was conferred with the Laadli Lifetime Achievement Award.


In the kind of world we live in, women’s voices- their struggles and journey from all sects and backgrounds must be highlighted and focused upon. By breaking various barriers, these amazing women and many others like them have shown that our voices matter and need to be heard.

Editor’s note: This list is specifically from the national level award ceremony. In the earlier, all India regional level edition of the Laadli Awards a couple of weeks ago, another of our authors Tanvi Sinha has also won the award for her piece Unhappily Ever After: The Cost Indian Women Pay For Our ‘Lowest Divorce Rate’.

Congratulations to both Shruti Sharada and Tanvi Sinha for their win.

Image source: Vlada Karpovich on pexels


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