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Anju Bobby George’s One Kidney Story Tells Young Women They Too Can Achieve Against Odds

Posted: December 9, 2020

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Olympian Anju Bobby George’s revelation proves that women still struggle with the shame of imperfections even if they make it to the top.

In a tweet a couple of days ago, Olympian Anju Bobby George revealed that she reached the world top with one functioning kidney.

In 2003, Indian long jumper Anju Bobby George made history when she became the first Indian athlete ever to win a Medal at the World Athletics Championship. But, this win did not come easy to her. Instead, it was filled with a lot of challenges.

Recently, Anju Bobby George revealed in a tweet that she faced many limitations while competing in the 2003 World Athletics Championship. With a single working kidney, amplified by an allergy caused by painkillers, she still made it to the world top.

Normalize imperfections!

Anju said in an interview that people have a general perception that she has a perfect body. She says , “but the fact is that I achieved all the success in my field by overcoming all difficulties.”

She opened up and said that she was afraid and ashamed to reveal that she was living with one kidney and now that she is confident, she can inspire others by telling them what she has achieved battling the condition.

We live in a society where conversations surrounding the complexities and problems women face still happen behind closed walls and sometimes not at all. We can’t have an open conversation about our struggles because there is a perpetual radar of shaming and stigma equipped by the society. There is this notion which makes young girls and women feel that they are supposed to fall into an ‘ideal’ standard of beauty, body perfection, and lifestyle, and anybody who does not fall into that category feels ashamed and afraid to open about their problems.

A wave of change, regardless

Slowly, but gradually, open discussions on topics associated with a lot of issues that attract stigma are happening. We have a long way to go, but a change is here to stay.

Celebrities like Meghan Markle and Chrissy Teigen have opened up  portals to have a free and open discussion on pregnancy loss, something which isn’t talked about much ‘in polite society’. 

Now, with Anju Bobby George’s revelation, people will understand that athletes, particularly women athletes, are human too. They can suffer setbacks, limitations, and still thrive and make it to the top. More than that, it will help young girls understand that they no longer have to conform to society’s specious standards.

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