10 Sex Education Classes, Resources And Tips For Parents Of Teens

If you are parenting a teen, it is time to have the talk. But talking about sex is not easy. Sex education classes are the best means to navigate this awkward but necessary conversation.

[ If you are parenting a teen, it is time to have the talk. But talking about sex is not easy. Sex education classes are the best means to navigate this awkward but necessary conversation. ]

As parents, being straightforward and approachable about topics like sex and sexuality is a sure way to raise body-positive and self-assured young children.

It empowers children with information which will help them make well-informed decisions regarding their bodies and lives. But what if parents feel awkward and are unsure of how to discuss such matters in an age-appropriate manner?

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of sex education classes for parents and teens that encourages sex-positive education and supports their sexual health journey.

Sex education classes for parents and teens on Udemy

Parents need to educate their kids on sex at the right age and in the right way. Platforms like Udemy offer courses for parents and teens that will enable them to broach the subject of sex and sexuality comfortably.

It aims to help their children understand relationships, concepts like consent, contraception, abstinence, respect and much more that are essential for their long-term health and happiness.

Podcasts are hosting sex education classes 

Several online podcasts provide simple, practical and doable tips to address fear and uncertainty in tackling conversations revolving around sex with kids.

There are also podcasts, ideal for listening on the go, as they are family-friendly, and parents can listen to them with their children. Some of them include Six-minute Sex-Ed podcasts by Kim Caville on Spotify or Doing It! with Hannah Witton podcast on Apple

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Attend sex education classes and workshops

NGOs like Super School India and Pratisandhi conduct workshops for parents, teachers and children to create awareness around sexual health and education.

Through puppet shows, audiovisual usage, and books, they make children aware of safe and unsafe touch, myths around menstruation, safe sex etc.

Video series that impart sex education

Some well-made sex education video series online cover various topics like puberty, menstruation, gender identity, and even porn. Websites like Amaze offer videos for families to help build a solid sexual foundation in the early years.

These videos are easy to understand, making them ideal for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain healthy sexual knowledge.

YouTube channels that provide sex education for parents and teens

 EveryBodyCurious is a fun and educational YouTube series for tweens and teens about sexuality and healthy relationships. It’s a safe space where leading sex educators have open and honest conversations while answering real questions from real kids.

Queer Kid Stuff is a fun LGBTQ YouTube series that deals with topics like gender identity and sexual attraction through a social justice lens.

Download interactive apps

Teens are often hesitant to discuss matters related to sex and sexual health with their parents. But ignoring this topic is not the solution. We must ensure that children have a comfortable platform that encourages open discussions.

ThatMate is an app for teens and young adults to answers their queries about sex and related issues. They also have doctors and counsellors onboard to sensitize parents towards these topics.

This app enables children to make informed decisions about their body, preferences, mental health and social life.

Invest in books that explain sex education to kids in an age-appropriate manner

Books like Menstrupedia Comic and Gullu: The Essential Guide To Puberty For Boys handles topics like menstruation and puberty in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. Its comic strip style is engaging, culturally sensitive and well-researched.

They may even recommend books, safe platforms for healthy discussions, various tools, resources and other sex education classes for parents and teens.

Sex Positive Books

Books are an excellent way for parents to educate themselves on topics like body awareness, identity, puberty, consent, media literacy etc. Some examples include books like Gifts of Imperfect Parenting or Sex Positive Talks to Have With Kids: A guide to raising sexually healthy, informed, empowered young people.


Make use of Reddit and Quora for answers to difficult questions

As parents, even we have numerous questions regarding sex education and what’s the best way to address uncomfortable questions.

Posting your questions on Quora or Reddit is a great way to understand how other parents deal with similar situations.

Transform a film scene into a teachable moment

Watching classic coming-of-age movies like Rockford, Udaan, Juno etc., with the family can turn out to be one of the best sex education classes for parents and teens.

It can help initiate constructive discussions about puberty, changes in the body, attraction to the opposite gender, molestation, bullying, and so much more.


These sex education classes and tips for parents and teens will arm you with all the information required to teach your child sex education in a fun, positive and comfortable way.

Educating yourself on these topics also allows you to engage in open, honest, shame-free conversations with your children. It will help create a bond that will help your child feel safe and return to you for support along their journey.

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