10 Stress Relief Mobile Games That Will Keep Dullness Away!

We always feel stressed out. But what if I told you, I have found a quick fix, you can play these stress relief mobile games almost anywhere. Here are 10 games that will keep you happy

[ Sometimes between commutes from work and home, and during small breaks when work is overbearing and the mind feels too numb, we need a few moments of me time: playing a stress relief mobile games on our phones can help us out! ]  

With us women constantly trying to balance their obligations at home and work, we always feel stressed out. But what if I told you, I have found a quick fix that gives me instant relaxation, especially when I desperately need a break?

I am referring to some great mobile games that help eliminate stress and reduce anxiety. You can slip in a quick game during a work break or during those long work commutes. The best part is, you can play these stress relief mobile games almost anywhere. 

Don’t know where to start? To make your work easier, I have compiled a list of the top 10 stress relief mobile games that I find to be the perfect dose of fun and excitement.

What are stress relief mobile games?

Before that, let’s understand what we need to know before playing a stress relief mobile game.

Stress relief mobile games can be highly relaxing and act as a much-needed distraction from the pressures and worries of life.

However, as you reach the more difficult levels of the game, don’t get stressed, as it would defeat the entire purpose of starting the game in the first place.

The goal is to enjoy it. Also, games can be addictive.

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Hence, devote time to the game, but don’t let it control you. Keep a check on the time spent on these games.


  • Bubble Wrap

We all know how satisfying it is to burst bubbles on a bubble wrap; that is what this stress relief mobile game replicates. In this virtual game, you must press the bubbles with your fingers and make them explode.

With each pop, I can actually feel all the built-up stress inside me dissipating. It comes as a free mobile app and is also a great way to kill time as you wait in long queues or while travelling from the office in a metro or cab.


  • Candy Crush 

Candy Crush is a top-rated game and acts as an excellent stress buster. It’s easy to play, engaging and has multiple levels, offering all the fun and relaxation you crave for after a hard day’s work.

Candy Crush is absolutely free, but has some in game items that you will have to pay for. However, you can easily disable the payment feature by turning off the in- app purchases on your mobile phone’s settings.


  • Colour break

With its unlimited colours, exciting music and cheerful sound effects, this game is refreshing and helps you unwind after a long day. Several patterns accompany the different styles and encourage you to be creative.

Besides, this app allows you to share your completed artwork with friends via email.


  • Wordscapes

Wordscapes is one of the top stress relief mobile games and is great for those who love solving crosswords and other word challenges.

This game also serves as a visual treat as you see different scenic views from around the world as you play. Wordscapes is also a free to play mobile game.

No timers are involved in this game, so that you can play at your own pace without any stress.


  • Prune

The objective of this game is relatively simple. All you have to do is prune the bonsai tree into a shape you like. Its monochromatic graphics are relaxing and calming and make you feel like you have entered a new world.

Prune is chargeable at a rate of Rs340. I found the graphics of this game amazing and the game play challenging.

With no timers and competitors, this game is a great aid to drive stress away.


  • Blue

Blue is a simple puzzle game that is well-designed and self-explanatory. Each level will require you to solve a simple puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, the entire screen gets filled with a blue colour.

I personally love the upbeat music playing throughout the game, as it acts as an amazing mood elevator for me. This game is a free mobile app.

  • Tetris

Tetris is one of the oldest games, and the chances are that you may have played it as a child, just like I did.

I find this game is uncomplicated, fun and easy to play. You will also feel your stress vanish as you tread on a guaranteed nostalgic trip and relive your childhood. This game comes free with in-app purchases that require payment.

  • Harmony: Melody Mirror

This is my go-to game when I have a few minutes in hand to relax.  Through this game, you can plunge right into the world of music while learning more about it.

The design of this game is rather easy to follow and poses unique challenges at each level. While the app is free, you can opt for the payable ad free version that will allow you to enjoy the game in peace.

It helps create new music and keeps you occupied for hours together.

  • Paper toss


We have all tried to perfect our aim by tossing paper balls into the dustbin. This game helps you do just that. With its simple goals, you get to forget about the real world as you immerse yourself in the game, and the best part is that it is a free app.

Also, it offers different locations, so you can toss the paper in an airport, office or even on the street.

  • My Oasis

Imagine building a private island for yourself. My Oasis helps you build a little peaceful world of your own and is free to play. In this game, you create your own island by controlling different t elements like trees, clouds, flowers, animals, water etc. 

The soothing background music is a bonus.


If you find yourself in a space where you want to distract yourself from anxious thoughts, these ten stress-relief mobile games will help. Such distractions will give you a much-needed mental reset, particularly when you feel stressed out and are feeling at the end of your rope.

These games can also help sharpen your cognitive abilities, such as reaction speed and problem-solving skills, making it a win-win.

Image source: By Keznon free on Canva Pro

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