Sing-Along The Rhythms Of Life. Here is Why Music Can Heal

Here is why Music can not only soothe soul but scientifically too help in theraputic healing!

The chords of your thoughts and the rhythm of music, let them echo,

Free your mind & let the verve of life flow, neutralize the ethos.

Dance to the beat, like a child who got lost in this race of elbows,

You will either find some answers or the spirit to just let them go.

If one goes by the dictionary meaning of it, Music represents vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

And if the practical meaning is to be understood, just sit down and take as many examples from life around as you want while you will be amazed to realize that Music has now become a necessary part of our routine – be it in gym, car, metro, whether you are cooking, or doing household chores, working at office and whatnot.

For me, music is the essence of any usual day. Most of the times my daily routine comprises of different genres of music, I start my day with listening to workout music during my morning workout followed by a different type while I am cooking in the kitchen depending on my mood and the time in hand.

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I would not call myself a pessimist but the formal Morning Pooja ceremony has been somehow replaced by listening to devotional music in the kitchen every morning while I am dodging in the house to cope up with the hustle-bustle of a busy day.

Then the short journey of about 40 km to the office is ironically made bearable by the company of my dear husband along with FM radio or youtube. Those who commute by public transport like bus, metro, etc, would be easily able to relate to this scene where people are lost in their phones with earphones plugged in, mostly listening to music. You can easily see people crossing roads in the same manner, which according to me, is not that safe.

In-office, we remain glued to our man-made second pair of ears, the earphones, while working on our computers when people around are screaming our names to get to us or trying to get our attention. Happens with me most of the time when I am trying to reach out to one of my colleagues, won’t take her name though she would understand.

Therapeutic effect for bad mood!

Even medical studies have now proven that music is a valid therapy to potentially reduce depression and anxiety, as well as to improve mood, self-esteem, and quality of life. Music can not only evoke emotions but help regain memories as well.

Remember the time you were feeling low and chose to step out of the house, with your pods or earphones on for a quick walk in the park, listening to some good music like an upbeat one or your all-time favourite ones, many times dancing to the favourite tunes while you control your feet and hand trying not to imitate the steps in public.

Spiritual music also turns out to be helpful for delighting one’s mood thereby increasing positive vibes in the surrounding air. Moreover, music that is soothing and relaxing can also help students to beat stress or anxiety while studying. It not only endures them with to fight the pressure but also creates a positive mood helping in memorization.

Music as an excuse for Self-realization

It usually happens with me and may have happened with many of you that while you leave yourself just to the rhythms of music, many times, it helps in connecting with our inner self and resolve many ongoing conflicts of thoughts.

Medium for Connecting with people

When you are in a disco or pub, good music can really help you connect with people around. It will not be surprising to see strangers dancing and connecting to a common tune they like as if they know each other well. Thanks to hormone prolactin which is supposed to bond people together and is released while listening to music.

It can also help start a conversation based on what sort of music is liked majorly, or how music is evolving these days.

Restoring & Relaxing

Music also helps to alleviate your mind and helps you in sleeping when 

you feel disturbed from something or when your mind is awake against your will.

Listening to music is scientifically believed to Dopamine which is known as a “feel-good hormone”.

Whatever may be the form, listening to Music has its own benefits and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

Place a little radio or speaker in your kitchen or even bathroom and let the music rejuvenate every cell in your body. Let the emotions flow and sing along the rhythms of life.

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