We Should Own The Choices We Make!!

It is about the decision or choices we make and how we bear the onus of accepting the end result.

It is about the decision or choices we make and how we bear the onus of accepting the end result.

The current situation of Covid-19 is perturbing and so are some of the memes and forwarded messages on all social networking platforms. But, recently I got this inspirational video of an international speaker & author who also encouraged me pen down some thoughts to words.

It is about the decision or choices we make and how we bear the onus of accepting the end result.

I Choose Once And Then The Choice Controls Me And My Life!

Almost everything you do in a day’s time, involves making a choice.

Getting up early or late, starting day with tea or banana or lemon water, having parantha or eggs or cereal for breakfast, banana shake vs mango shake vs protein shake, choosing to wear colorful vs just black or white, to love your body and endorse your curves vs wearing over sized clothes to cover up, green tea over masala tea or no tea at all, enjoying drinks with friends in evening vs getting back to family in time for dinner, choosing to patch up with an old friend or just sit mum with your ego, binge watching a Netflix series vs sleeping early, getting up early for a workout vs sleeping till late and gushing though the day, last but not the least,  choosing to stay home and be safe vs sneaking out without any purpose.

But we should not forget that the choice or decisions we make once are irreversible. Life happens and then we just follow the outcome of our choices. These outcomes can be good or bad and the wisdom is to tackle them.

How Accepting Our Choices Give Positivity!

Ups and downs are part of life and keep it alive. If there had been no achievements or no failures in life, wouldn’t life be monotonous! We should practice to accept the things that we cannot change. That will help us with tranquility. We should also be courageous enough to change the things we can change. With experience we build the maturity to judge what can be changed or what cannot be.

We all have heard the saying attached to Lemon – “When life gives you lemons..!”

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Success & failure go hand in hand. While success may represent some probably positive choices the failures may portray the bad ones.

So when life gives you lemons in the form of sourness of failures that could be a result of the choice you once made, better not repent and try to make a lemonade out of the situation. We cannot foresee or solve all our problems but we should learn from our mistakes and also from the time we were successful so that we make headway on the right path.

And once you start accepting, you will notice a change and that will help you to have a different outlook towards life. This will in a way give you a sense of positivity and confidence to explore life and admire as it happens.

Appreciate Your Luck!

What is luck? Don’t you find yourself lucky when you are able to survive through a tough situation?

No one knows what is going to happen the next second. And it usually happens that we wish for something and it gets fulfilled. But then we say “Oh! I could have wished for something else! (Kuch aur hi maang leti)”.

Lately, I have started doing the opposite. The moment my wish gets fulfilled no matter how small it was (even if it’s like I asked for some number to win the game of Ludo and I got it). I say “Wow, Thanks”! Because I have started to believe that by doing so we can appreciate our luck. While on the other hand if we say I could have wished for something else, we are in a way disparaging the worth of our good luck!

Try To Overcome The Guilt!

It so happens that when the decision we made didn’t bear the fruits we desired, we get into some kind of self-accusation mode cursing ourselves for everything related to that and feeling a sense of insecurity in almost everything. We often tend to start losing our self-confidence and the path ahead seems as clear as mud.

While what we should be doing is if we are heart broken, better let loose things, grieve for a while, and then go back to the drawing board, do some maths, rise up from the ashes like a phoenix and see what we can learn from the failure.

As a result, we will be ready to put the learning into practice – will take time but the outcome will be favourable.

Food for thought – people deaf by birth didn’t choose that for themselves and also the people who become deaf with age. Similarly we cannot control the cause but we can certainly choose to play along with the outcome. So be a learner if you want to be an achiever!

Listen To Your Instincts And Trust Them!

It so happens that a thought often crosses our mind and later we realize we ignored it.

Then we wish we should have paid attention to it. Probably these are called our instincts and I believe everyone is blessed with them.

This downtime of COVID-19 lockdown has given us a time and a chance to rethink the choices we have made for ourselves.

It appears like we were all running like machines day & night to earn the bread and butter and now life seems to be at a standstill. But this silence is an opportunity to look around and observe. We have sort of an ample amount of time in hand to correct or may be mend our ways and still be on track.

Support Rather Question Other’s Choices!

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the choices our loved ones make and we fear they may face a heart break if the result isn’t in their favor. But if you think deeper that’s our love and concern for them.

We should not forget that everyone should be given a chance to build their own experience treasure so that they can accept the fate as it happens.

So, we should support the choices our kids make when they want to pursue a more creative career than just being a doctor or an engineer which the world is already crowded with. We should respect the choice of our kids when they wish to not marry when you want them to or extend their family when you feel is right for them but they don’t.

Support the choice your daughter/son makes when they say they feel like walking out of a relationship they are not happy in.

Food for Thought – We are the society and no one else knows our situation better than us or our immediate family. So whatever the criticism may be, if you learn to gain ground, you can walk away from the situation like a piece of cake and the people who despise you will be sorry under their own skin.

Let us keep practicing the KARMA and never lose the faith in ourselves and our luck, the rest is just life and we should let it happen.

A little mindfulness combined with patience brings calmness and utmost content when you start accepting the choices while also appreciating the fact that you put learning from failures into action. The hard work will certainly bear fruits!

Any Feedback is good feedback!!

Hope my thoughts inspire you to have a more positive prospect.
I would love to give a penny for your thoughts, so please do share your comments!

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