Be Your Own Judge, Be The One Who Gets To Experience!

Be your own Judge! You may feel astonished reading the subject line, but the truth of the matter is that this is what we need to tell ourselves.

Be your own Judge! You may feel astonished reading the subject line, but the truth of the matter is that this is what we need to tell ourselves.

How many times it has occurred to you that you are living only to abide by the so called rules of the society?

Well, they say your family runs a business, how can you be a doctor? Or your family has a history of doctors, how can you be an engineer?

25 is the best age to get married, so settle down. It’s time; you should have kids and settle down. Or you may have just one or may be two kids. Plan them and be sorted! Have you ever wondered BUT WHY??

Why should you settle down and why you have to be told? Why can’t you be like the dust particle in the wind that goes hay wire and settles on its own – may be after a rain shower?

Let nature take its course and handle it!

Life is not a mathematical equation that you have to prove LHS = RHS.

It’s unpredictable and so should you be sometimes. Let your instincts take over the charge.

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We are neither robots, nor are we clones of each other. We may choose our own paths and decide what to do with it.

I have heard aunts cribbing about relatives saying my kid is getting older, he/she may not find a good life partner, may be he/she (and we know it’s usually ‘She’) is over qualified and what not. Well, it’s about time we tell those aunts that society or relatives didn’t spend restless nights bringing up your kids. You did!

You are the one who paid for their education with a dream in your eyes that your kids should be independent enough one day to stand like a wolf fighting strong in the world of competition. Then when the time comes to give your kids a chance and make the best use of that, why not enjoy it instead of ruining it by worrying what the society will think?

We educate our kids, send them abroad for a better future, but when the time comes for them to utilize that learning and stand out, we ask them to SETTLE DOWN!

Ok…let’s ponder upon what is Society! It’s important we understand, WE ARE THE SOCIETY! We are the ones who make up this society, so we should decide whether we have to be in the rat race and act dumb, do as they say or be the revolution and bring about one.

Keep your KARMA right and follow your instincts and surely luck will follow. Toss a coin, and give your luck a chance! Have a firsthand experience yourself. When you start feeling responsible for your actions, I can vouch for it that only then you will not repent for the decisions you take in life.

As kids, we often have the urge for certain things, that we either couldn’t afford, or were not worth it at that time. Later, as we grow up and start earning our own bread and butter, we feel like possessing those things or make our loved ones have them.

I say – be the hoarder if you dare to be! Collect things because unless you will try on your own, you will not learn from it. It may be worth or not, but you will end up having your own experience about it.

If a relationship sucks, get out of it, but if you think it deserves another chance, bring it on.

Be the angel for those who know your worth and are truly blessed to have you around. But don’t forget to be a bitch for those who just say that for the sake of an Instagram post!

If you do not enjoy your job time and again, get out of it. Do what makes you happy!

It’s said that, “It is all about taking risks”, I feel “It’s all about having an experience!”

It’s good to have a compromising nature, but who knows till when. At times, you have to stop and start feeling for yourself. Live for your own self! It’s not harsh to be selfish sometimes unless you literally hurt someone!

Listen to all but with a filter ON to keep the noise off. Now how will you know what’s noise and what’s not. All those words that make your brows rise and are always telling you to do things as directed, as if they are written in some manual, are meant to be filtered out. All those that inspire you in a way you feel confident about it, your heart directs you to follow it, think about them.

You may have a few friends but the ones that you have, respect them, make time for them, make memories with them and cherish the warmth and belonging.

When you hear too many voices, distance yourself for a while, be alone and let your own heart and brain do the math. It’s good to be your own critic and see what you see that others can’t.

Make time for yourself and try to see where you are headed to. Are you going at your own pace or just running for the sake of living up to others’ expectations? If it is the time for you to gear up or slow down, that you should decide. Believe in yourself and

Be the change to bring about one!

This reminds of this beautiful song by R. Kelly –

            I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky

            I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away!!

            I believe I can swore, I see me running through that open door,

            I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!

The main purpose of sharing my views is to just make ourselves realize to do things that make us proud and of all – our parents proud.

We have been blessed to be humans, the creatures who are smarter than any other on this planet. Why waste this lifetime thinking about what others would say? We may be short of time, but that should not stop us from enjoying the time we have.

Results may take time when we change the course but once you start listening to your heart and soul, things will start falling in their place and leaving you truly contented at the end because the road you took was by your own will.

So, be the dust particle in the storm of your life and be your own best judge!

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