Being Mindful In The Times Of The Current COVID-19 Crisis

During the lockdown, the situation may seem to be worsening, but if you're at home and safe, appreciate the little things and be more mindful and wise.

During the lockdown, the situation may seem to be worsening, but if you’re at home and safe, appreciate the little things and be more mindful and wise.

Life is changing & so is the lifestyle,

For good health, you may have to go an extra mile..

Oh no, you can’t go outside, we locked all the doors,

Don’t worry, exploit options to sweat indoors..

Drink water and don’t forget to workout,

If busy, better walk the talk.

Please make sure you don’t fall ill,

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In case you do, don’t lose the mighty will.

Desperate times need desperate measures,

Life and breath are one’s biggest treasures

Stop being glued to those hypnotic phones,

Get up and get going you lazy bones.

Stress is a group of termites, avoid them,

If you see someone panic, guide them.

Rare opportunity to connect with inner self,

It’s time you handle others but hey take care of yourself..

Amidst COVID-19, when most of us are getting live updates of the current situation, I thought of sharing something to make you look at the other side.

Treat it as a sign from Nature!

We all know that stress has no good end result. All it does is aggravate our agony. It blinds us from looking at the positive side of things. But here’s the bitter fact, it’s not a time to breakdown! If we all panic then we won’t be able to prepare for what may be in store for us.

We should treat the COVID-19 outbreak as a sign from Mother Nature to pause for a while, to look back and analyse. And we need to stop running in the rat race that we do so often. We need to take a peek at the routine we built up in all these years. 

Generally, we are so dependent on our domestic help and are becoming couch potatoes. We are slowly starting to be slaves to Amazon Prime and Netflix. Our phones are the source of all our information and we prefer taking a vehicle instead of walking to the closest of places. 

The way we’ve been using all our resources and adding to the waste and landfills, wasting food while a large part of the population still sleeps hungry. And the way we have managed to deforest our jungles, we undoubtedly left no stone unturned in making the situation perilous for our own selves!

Time to be a bit selfish for the greater good!

While some of us may be confident about being fit as fiddles, and have a lower chance of contracting the disease, that should not be the case. We all need to boost and maintain our immunities. 

Plan your day and if you had been a TV leech, now is the time to build and correct the routine. Don’t give the ‘isolation excuse’ for opting out of workout for there are so many different ways of working out indoors as well.

The air quality these days have improved so much that you could do a number of breathing exercises on your terrace or in your balcony. 

Food for thought – Have you noticed the mesmerising sound of squirrels and birds coming from outside? Did you wonder what you have been missing all this time? Well, these were always there but we just couldn’t listen to them since we were so busy honking and shouting.

Biggest festival of self-care!

During Diwali, every Indian household goes on a cleaning spree. And while I love that practice, isn’t this a good time to organise the things that have been on our to-do list for so long?

Since the household helpers are not around, it is time to see what we relied on all the time. While you do most of your chores now, you will realise that there is a scope for improvement. That once everyone gets back to routine, you would know how to share them with the domestic help too. 

It is also that time of the transitioning season when we would like to wash and pack up winter clothes in lofts. And bring back the vibrant summer clothes to the wardrobe.

Don’t forget to listen to the communicator pings from office while you attempt the dare to do this on a working week day. Remember it’s ‘work at Home/work from home and not work for home! (wink wink)

More family time

Since most of us are at home right now because of the lockdown in all major cities, it’s the best time to spend time with each other. Utilise this time to talk about may be this situation itself. Get everyone’s views, how they see this going.

And if you are too bored of discussing all that, discuss what you will and should do as soon as this dust settles and everything gets back to normal.

Board games, cards, etc. are always a good way to pass time. It’s also a good time to realise that during the hustle bustle of our weekly routines, how many great moments are missed.

Get those lazy bones do some work at home

It’s time to get the lazy bones in the home involved in the household chores. Give them have a slice of what they call as ‘business as usual.’ There is no work to be as big or small. Even a small effort can be of huge help and gives a sense of not being alone in this sort of programmed life we’ve been living.

It will not only help in connecting with one another. But also will help you appreciate the efforts that go in keeping the family together.


Like I said, it is time to be selfish and take care of ourselves. It is a good time to make a priority list of things that matter the most for survival. 

Though it’s a bitter pill to swallow, there is no end to luxury. This lock down is gradually giving us lessons to live life in a minimalist fashion.

Making wise decisions while using utensils since you wash them yourself, choosing clothes to wear, what to cook that will make all stock last for longer. Though the basic necessities are still available, we don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow.

Even though e-commerce is still up and running, delivery boys are still seen on roads, try to fill the shopping bag wisely. He may be leaving his home may be just to deliver your bag of goods which may even not be that necessary.

It is also a good time to do portion control on what we eat. You never know what is going to be available in the markets and when. It is time to share and care. 

Be a wiser messenger

This is the time when our ears and eyes are wide open to all kinds of information related to the virus. And we tend to pass on the same information to all our social media platforms, especially WhatsApp.

But we should also make sure that we do not end up spreading rumours thereby worsening the condition. All the information should be cross checked from reliable sources, like WHO.

And remember everything is not a bad omen, but yes, we are in a global pandemic. So don’t fall victim to any superstitions and try to sanitise our mind as well.

Stay positive – mind wise and not lab result wise!

Like every cloud has a silver lining this too shall pass. We are a strong nation and if we stand united to the test of time and make wise decisions, we can weather this storm together.

Also, don’t forget to appreciate:

  • Whatever source of spirituality you follow for giving us all the strength and perseverance to sail through this time.
  • All the medical practitioners fighting at front line to make sure everyone gets timely and correct medical services and supplies.
  • Our household help who made us realise how much we owe them.
  • Family members for being together and giving each other the courage and support to sail though this taxing time.

Stay positive, stay isolated, stay safe, make wise decisions and stay healthy everyone!

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