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10 Things You Must Know Before You Get A Tattoo

Before you get a tattoo, it is imperative to do your homework and prep yourself for the process. A tattoo is a permanent change you will make to your body and will stay with you for a long time.

Getting inked nowadays is gaining immense popularity. But is it something that you can get done on a whim? A tattoo is a permanent change you will make to your body and will stay with you for a long time.

Hence, before you get a tattoo, it is imperative to do your homework and prep yourself for the

We have made your job easier and compiled a list of things to remember before getting inked.

Don’t be impulsive when it comes to getting inked

A tattoo can last almost for a lifetime, be cautious before you get a tattoo. Whether it’s a beautiful butterfly or a matching design with your best friend, ensure that the tattoo brings you joy.

Also, be extra sure before getting a person’s name inked on your body. You don’t want to regret it and wish to remove it, as tattoo removal procedures are both painful and expensive.

Consult your dermatologist before you get a tattoo

You may have sensitive skin if you often experience irritations, rashes and allergies while trying new cosmetics or jewellery. Hence, it may react negatively to tattoo ink as well. Discuss with your dermatologist if you have any reason to believe that your skin will respond adversely to getting inked.

Research well

Talk with friends who have tattoos to get recommendations on professional tattoo artists. Google or Instagram can help you towards the right direction. Do enough research so that you are in sync with the artist’s interpretations.

There will be a waiting list for an in-demand tattoo artist, so the sooner you schedule an appointment, the better.

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Pick where you want the tattoo

While you are free to choose any part of the body where you prefer to get inked, we suggest selecting an area on the body where it is less painful for your first tattoo. Places like the forearm don’t hurt much, unlike the ribcage, torso, inner thigh etc.

You cannot donate blood if you have got a tattoo done recently

Introducing ink into your body can expose it to harmful viruses, especially if you get your design done in an unclean place that neglects safe practices. Therefore, people with inked body art must wait for at least six months to a year before donating their blood to reduce the risk of unknowingly transmitting blood-borne infections.

Learn about the laws in different countries before you get a tattoo

Every country has different laws regarding tattoos. Countries like Iran, Japan, North Korea, UAE, Iran and many more have strict laws regarding inked body art. So, research all such information before you get one if you plan to travel or relocate to another country.

In India, there is no rule for the minimum age for tattooing on one’s body.

However, there are specific government jobs in which tattoos are not allowed, the army, navy, air force, and police. Apart from this, even some private and corporate companies may refrain from hiring people with body art.

Make sure the tattoo artist follows safe practices

Ensure your tattoo artists have the required licences in place. While the licensing regulations in India are not as strict as in countries like the United States, they still need a studio licence and have to follow health regulations.

It’s best to have a look at the facilities yourself and be sure the studio is clean and sanitized. Also, see that the artist unwraps new single-use needles in front of you and uses fresh ink.

Prepare yourself before the procedure

Eat well, stay hydrated, get a good night’s sleep and don’t consume alcohol the night before you get a tattoo. Bring some snacks, a book or even a friend to keep your mind occupied and help deal with the pain.

Follow aftercare instructions strictly

A new tattoo is a wound that takes about two weeks to heal. Follow the tattoo artist’s instructions to a T to avoid infections. Keep it dry and clean always. After a few days, it will get dry, tightens and feels itchy. Moisturize the area to keep itchiness at bay.

Your tattoo may need touch-ups in the future

Most tattoos need touch-ups over time to continue looking their best. Tattoos on areas where the cell turnover is rapid, like hands and feet, or areas exposed to the sun will definitely need touch-ups.


Getting a tattoo done needs to be a carefully thought-out decision. Before you get a tattoo, please consider the ten points mentioned above. You can then take a call on whether to get yourself inked
or not.

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