Some Extraordinary Women Empowering Tattoos That You Should Try

Every tattoo has a story to tell -- a heartbreak, love for a place, a hobby or simply a loved one. Here are some women empowering tattoos you can try.

Every tattoo has a story to tell — a heartbreak, love for a place, a hobby or simply a loved one. Here are some women empowering tattoos you can try.

“I am a canvas of my experiences, my story is etched in lines and shading, and you can read it on my arms, my legs, my shoulders, and my stomach.”

-Tattoo artist Kat Von D

While tattoos might appear trendy, cool and modern, they are extremely personal. Tattoos are not just mere symbols or shapes; they have a much deeper meaning. Tattoos might despise some people but for some, it means the permanent etching of certain belief.

Here’s a collection of some beautiful and inspirational #TattooStories.

“Carpe Noctem”


We all are aware of the well-known term Carpe Diem meaning seize the day! The other side of the coin, that is Carpe Noctem (Seize the night) turns out to be a unique choice for a tattoo.

Kavita Jhunjhunwala says, “Inked on my 40th birthday, the term ‘Carpe Noctem’ was coined spontaneously by someone who influences me tremendously, in the middle of the night in Goa while we were on the dance floor! It resonates with my personality as I love to write at night and the peacefulness of it.”

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“Never give up”


The Chinese symbol tattoos have become quite popular from some time as they are pictorial in nature and also have a meaningful message attached.

Aarti Krishnakumar says, “Tattoos are a way of expressing what I feel. This time the tattoo is in Mandarin and it means ‘Never give up’. Took him about 20 mins to complete the whole thing and it was such a breeze for me as well.”

“I am She … Invincible!”


This tattoo seems like a unique idea for sending a powerful message across in an elegant way to the world as well as one which serves as a daily reminder to you.

Kamini Shevgaonkar says, “Wearing my heart on my persona, this tattoo is a reflection of who I am and what I feel about my existence as a woman, and how the artistic facet of my personality makes me poetic and powerful, both.”

The First Lady


This tattoo seems like an amazing idea to etch a permanent mark of some mum-love. Sneha Sasikumar  says, “My mom’s name HAWAUMMA – which means – The first lady in someone’s life, that is written in Devanagari script (The Indian languages Hindi and Marathi are in this script) along with an anchor – that means strength and a heart that in this case shows weakness (you only feel weak for someone when you love them so much). So the overall tattoo meaning – The first lady in my life – my mother – who is both my strength and weakness.”

A perfect tribute tattoo for mom!

Moth Tattoo


Moth tattoos, similar to the butterfly tattoos are a symbol of change. They have their own charm as they contain a subtle layer of mystery.

Shiwani Priyadarshi says, “I have multiple tattoos and this moth is the last one I got. The moth undergoes metamorphosis at every stage of its life. It seeks light as a single-minded pursuit.”

Hence each tattoo has some kind of story attached to it; a story never told before. And tattoos have always served as a medium to express them. What’s your untold story?

Image: Pixabay

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