5 Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits In India

Get quick and accurate results from the comfort of your home with these top 5 best pregnancy test kits in India.

[Get quick and accurate results from the comfort of your home with these top 5 best home pregnancy test kits in India.]

The weeks or months spent wondering whether you are pregnant or not can be agonizing. Anticipating pregnancy brings along myriad emotions. Nowadays, a pregnancy test kit can give you an answer to this question instantly. I know of instances when many of my friends have got incorrect results due to faulty pregnancy kits.

A false positive test can cause a lot of uninvited tension and anxiety. That’s when I understood the importance of selecting reliable pregnancy test kits.

Through this article, I have shared the top 5 best pregnancy test kits in India that can give accurate results.

How do these home pregnancy test kits work?

Home pregnancy tests work by detecting a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in your urine. When a sperm and egg fuse and start growing, some of the cells that will eventually become placenta start producing HCG.

5 Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits In India

As HCG levels rise quickly in the early stages of pregnancy, a home pregnancy kit helps detect the same.

HCG levels above 25 mIu/ml indicates a positive for pregnancy and levels below 5 mIu/ml indicates a negative for pregnancy, hcg levels between 6 and 24 mIu/ml indicates an indeterminate result and will require you to do a retest to see if the levels rise to detect a pregnancy

Best pregnancy test kits in India can be of two types

1. Strip Pregnancy Test

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This is the most commonly used pregnancy test kit. In this test, you need to hold the strip or dipstick in your urine stream (preferably the first thing in the morning, as this is when the HCG levels are most concentrated).

2. Glass test unit

This type of pregnancy test provides a testing strip and a measuring jar to collect urine. You need to pee in the container and dip the strip.

You then need to lay the strip flat and wait for the prescribed amount of time given on the box (ideally, 1 – 5 minutes, depending on the test).

For most accurate tests, waiting for a day or, ideally, the week after your period is due to start is recommended. Before this period, there may not be adequate HCG levels to be detected by the pregnancy kit.

Top 5 best home pregnancy test kits in India

1. I-can Pregnancy Test Kit – Buy here

Price: ₹149-200

I-can pregnancy test kit by Primal Health Care is considered one of India’s best pregnancy test kits. It consists of a single-use pregnancy detection strip and a disposable dropper.

If you have missed your periods or observed any signs of pregnancy, taking the test as early as six days after having unprotected intercourse is ideal.

The most precise results are seen when you test on the first day you missed your period. All you have to do is collect the first urine sample of the day in an empty container and, with the help of the dropper, put three drops on the testing strip.

When dark-coloured pink bands appear on the T and C slots, it indicates you are pregnant. If there is no band in the t slot, you are not pregnant. You can purchase this kit from any pharmacy or online store.

2. Mankind Prega News pregnancy test – Buy here

Price: ₹170-200

The Mankind Prega News pregnancy test is a reliable and trustworthy brand in India. It is readily available and straightforward to use in the privacy of your bathroom.

Even I used this pregnancy test kit to detect my pregnancy. This box comes with a single-use chemical strip and a dropper. You need to collect the first urine sample of the day in a jar and empty 2 to 3 drops of urine onto the strip.

This sensitive kit can detect HCG levels as low as 20 mIU/ml. To read the result, you must know the test kit’s symbols. The appearance of two lines on the strip confirms pregnancy.

A single line means a negative result, and no line means the test is invalid.

An invalid test can happen if you haven’t followed the instructions on the kit to a T or if there are insufficient levels of HCG in the urine. You can repeat the test with the second kit in this pregnancy kit.

As pregnancy test kits when kept in hot and humid weather conditions can give inaccurate results, we suggest keeping the kit refrigerated or in a cool place before use. Make sure to bring it to room temperature at the time of testing.

3. Accutest by Cadila – Buy Here

Price: ₹59

Accutest is another kit that is popular in India. It is one of the least expensive pregnancy kits and is easily accessible in Indian markets. Gather the fresh first sample of midstream urine in a spotless pee, the accutest container.

Then deposit a few drops of pee into the card window with a dropper. After 2 to 3 minutes, check for the appearance of lines. A single line means no pregnancy, and two lines indicate you are pregnant.

4. Clearview Pregnancy test kit – Buy here

5 Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits In India

Price: ₹495

Clearview pregnancy tests are developed with modern patented technology and provide results with more than 99% accuracy.

The best part is that this test can be used at any time of the day, unlike other kits wherein you have to use morning urine samples. It gives price results if you test the first day after your missed periods.

These tests come in cost-effective multipacks and allow you to try more than once. This test offers a dipstick testing procedure where you have to hold the strip in front of the pee stream.

It gives results within a minute. You need not store this kit in a refrigerator, as you can keep it at room temperature.

5. Nectlife Getnews Pregnancy test – Buy here

5 Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits In India

Price: ₹149-200

Nectar Life Sciences, a premium quality rapid test kit designer and creator, manufactures Nectlife Getnews One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy test.

All their products are known for their accuracy, reliability and quality while being gentle with the environment, thus making it one of the best pregnancy test kits in India.

In this kit, you get five individually sealed pouches, and each bag contains a pregnant testing device, a dropper and a desiccant (drying agent). Each test kit is ideal for single use only.

They ensure fresh stock comes to you, and its discrete packaging also provides privacy for those who need it. It comes with a detailed manual, making it easy for first timers as well.

Bottom Line

Pregnancy kits are convenient, private, easy to use, affordable and easily accessible online and in medical stores. You can use these tests effectively as long as you follow all the instructions in the user manual and keep a check on their expiration dates and storage temperatures.

We have mentioned some of India’s best pregnancy test kits that can help you detect pregnancy even at its early stages.

The earlier you know about your pregnancy, the faster you can change your lifestyle to protect and nurture the new life growing within you.

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