Sidharth Shukla’s Death Is NOT Entertainment…Media Needs To Stop Hounding Shehnaaz Gill & Let Her Grieve!

Post Sidharth Shukla's demise, Shehnaaz Gill has been hounded by the media. Even his family is not spared. Celebs have spoken out & some quit social media. 

Post Sidharth Shukla’s demise, Shehnaaz Gill has been hounded by the media. Even his family is not spared. Celebs have spoken out & some have even quit social media. 

Don’t we all know what sells ultimately? Entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment! Even if it is on someone’s death! When did we become so insensitive to someone else’s misery? Shukla’s untimely demise has shaken the nation and how. He passed away at the age of 40 after suffering a massive cardiac arrest leaving his family and loved ones in shock. They hadn’t even have had time to process their grief and come to terms with their pain and the media has already made a big circus out of it.

The highlight has been on Shehnaaz Gill who was very close friends with Sidharth, they were popularly known as SidNaaz. They never openly spoken about their relationship except a few instances. There were reports of them tying the knot this December. The poor girl is completely broken and devastated, my heart goes out to her…

Dear media, leave Shehnaaz Gill alone!

There are videos doing the rounds on the internet where the paparazzi has been running behind her, pushing her, asking her insensitive questions and shoving the ca mera in her face.

One can see in the videos where she is crying inconsolably and reporters are asking her to give statements and zooming the camera in her face. Since when did we all become so heartless and insensitive?

Many media channels had specials airing on television with conspiracy theories regarding Sidharth’s death . We need to realise they are humans first and celebrities later. There is no pain that is greater than seeing a mother lose her child, a sister lose her brother or a woman lose the love of her life. They deserve the much needed space and privacy in their lives.

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Yes I agree they are celebrities and they live a public live, they know that they signed up for their lives to be covered by the media but can we give them a little respect? To the departed soul and to his family? Is it too much to ask for?

Celebrities react to insensitive coverage of Sidharth Shukla’s demise 

Zareen Khan lashed out at the paparazzi behaviour as they followed and pushed Shehnaaz while she cried and ran after Sidharth Shukla’s funeral van.

Reacting to the video, Zareen said, “My heart goes out to Shehnaaz, the poor girl looks completely broken. And at such a sensitive time, the media should show a little empathy towards her rather than behaving like heartless robots.

I saw videos were she’s crying uncontrollably but the media is just pushing her and shoving cameras and mikes on her face for a byte for their benefit. The whole scenario is compelling and heart-breaking! When did humans turn so heartless?”

Tv actor Kushal Tandon quit social media after Sidharth Shukla’s death. The actor who has a following of over 1.3 million was very disheartened about the shameful media coverage of Sidharth Shukla’s untimely death. 

He posted a message on his Instagram announcing that he is quitting social media. “Off this so called social media… until then stay human in ‘social’ and in ur ‘family’

Actor Puja Banjeree also posted a message on her Insta handle that she would be going off social media for a few days to avoid the media’s insensitivity after Sidharth Shukla’s death.

Amidst the media controversy, popular comedian Zakir Khan’s latest Insta post on celeb deaths becoming ‘tamasha’ has gone viral. He received support from the likes of Anushka Sharma, Gauahar Khan, Vishal Dadlani and others.

“They don’t think of you as a human being. Not because there aren’t any lines or boundaries. Your corpse is not a body without soul, but an opportunity to click pictures. As many as they can click. It’s similar to how people try to steal crockery from houses burning in a riot. Because after that, what use will you be? At most, 10 pictures, five news pieces, three videos, two stories, one post. That’s it,” Zakir penned. 


The recent demise of Raj Kaushal also caused a media frenzy with people commenting on what wife Mandira Bedi was wearing…

The recent demise of Raj Kaushal also caused a media frenzy with people commenting on what his wife Mandira Bedi was wearing. She was judged, ridiculed and called names. The poor woman lost her husband, I am sure she didn’t think it was a media event to dress up in a saree. She wore what she found and what was comfortable for her unless we think she had clothes on her mind instead of her husband’s demise.

I wonder if all the people who are making a media spectacle of Shehnaaz Gill or Mandira Bedi ever lost someone dear to them. What was their first thought when they did? Did they decide what clothes to wear for the funeral or did they feel that their heart was ripped out of their body? Would they have liked a thousand cameras shooting them in their misery and asking them to give statements about how they feel?

I am glad that there are many who ae questioning this behaviour and calling out media houses who cover news in an insensitive way. There has been an outrage on social media where people are standing up for Shehnaaz Gill and demanding for her much-needed privacy and her space to grieve her loss.

Ex-Big Boss contestant Sambhavna Seth’s conduct at Sidharth Shukla’s death was also questioned by many. She Vlogged herself during Sidharth Shukla’s last rites. She created a ruckus while arguing with the police stationed outside the funeral venue and also disclosed personal details about his family and Shehnaaz Gill.

She was criticized and schooled on social media and she had to finally release a statement on Twitter justifying her act. However it didn’t go well with netizens and they called her out for her insensitive ways.

Every death deserves dignity!

Let us all remember someone’s death, the family’s tears, misery and despair is ‘NOT ENTERTAINMENT’ or “MASALA’ .This is not the news we want to read, we need to draw some boundaries.

Have we lost our empathy as humans and all we care about is views and likes even if it at the stake of someone’s death?

Can we be more human? Let us respect the one who is no more and the ones he has left behind to face the world alone. Next time put yourself in their shoes before you go ahead with this inhumane coverage which is  shameful and questionable.

Every death deserves dignity!

Image source: Instagram 

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