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Ooh Aah Ouch…An NGO Put Men On A Machine To Make Them Experience Period Pains. Here Are Their Reactions!

What happens when men get to experience period pain? When an NGO set up this experiment, the reactions of men ranged from hilarious to thought-provoking!

What happens when men get to experience period pain? When an NGO set up this experiment, the reactions of men ranged from hilarious to thought-provoking!

Recently an NGO Uphaar collaborated with Kamakhya India and set up a period pain machine in Surat, Gujarat. They wanted to raise awareness about periods and the pain that many women endure every month.

The machine known as the ‘period simulator’ was used under the guidance of doctors. It required the men to attach a couple of wires to their abdomen. The period simulator gave menstrual cramps/ pain sensations to men from a scale of 1 to 10. Here are their reactions!

Reacting to ‘period pains’, some men winced in pain while others jumped from their seats!

Many men tried this simulator and the reactions are nothing but amusing. Men experienced period pain for the first time in their lives while the girls in the background are seen laughing and clapping away. Most men are wincing in pain and are clearly uncomfortable. Some get up and jump from their seats while others cry in pain.

A lot of laughter can be heard in the background as men were seen giving up within seconds of the pain–a pain that many women bear every month and carry out their day-to-day activities.

‘Can we also get men to try a childbirth and menopause simulator?’

A similar experiment was carried out by US artist Nilla Allin where a selected group of men and women tried the same period simulator.  on experiencing period pains, the clip shows men falling on the ground and requesting for the machine to be stopped as soon as the level hits 10.

However when the women try the same level, they don’t even react or flinch. One women literally asks,” That’s it?” and another says, “It’s nothing!”

While the men were seen whining in pain the women were seen laughing and talking normally. One of the women said that the pain she experiences is ten times worse and one of the men replies, “There is no way, you are walking around like this!!”

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The video got many likes online after Clara Jeffery a journalist shared it on twitter. She also added, “Can we also get them to try a childbirth and menopause simulator?”

The video garnered a lot of attention; some found the video really hilarious while others said they wanted the men in their life to try it so that they could experience what women go through.

Period pains are no laughing matter!

Most girls get their first period between the age of 10 to 12 years and their period ends between the age of 45 to 55 years . A menstrual cycle lasts anything between 3 to 7 day’s every month for almost 35 to 40 years of a woman’s life sometimes more.

Periods are no laughing matter. Some women suffer from crazy mood swings, bloating, and immense pain and still carry on with their day to day activities like a boss. Period pain is just one part of periods-women go through heavy flow, irritability and still continue to smile, work at office and take care of the kids without any help.

It is just taken for granted that women are used to pain as they have been going through it as long as their periods started. What people don’t realise is that every time it hurts just as bad as the first time and you never really get used to it but you do learn to live with it.

There were a few men who commented that women also need to try and experience how much it hurts when they are kicked on the balls. They were trying to prove that a kick on the balls hurts way more than period pain.

Stand by your women…help them so that they get the much-needed rest!

Periods are a monthly occurrence that involves excruciating pain, cramps and bleeding that lasts for almost a week. A kick on a man’s balls doesn’t happen every month continuously for 3 to 7 days.

A man may never experience a kick in his lifetime but every women goes through periods for a major part of her life.

The least we can do is normalise periods. Stand by your women; help them so that they get the much-needed rest.

I think all men should give this a try. What say ??

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