Within Few Days Trolls Have Attacked Taapsee Pannu, Kareena Kapoor & Malaika Arora For Their Physical Appearance. Can We Leave Female Celebs Alone?

Trolls posted that Taapsee Pannu has a 'manly body', attacked Kareena on her birthday for her looks & made fun of Malaika's walk. Why's it always female celebs at the receiving end?

Trolls posted that Taapsee Pannu has a ‘manly body’, attacked Kareena on her birthday for her looks & made fun of Malaika’s walk. Why’s it always female celebs at the receiving end?

Why is always female celebrities that are subjected to this viciousness! These women are independent and famous in their own right. They have worked hard for years to be where they are now. Do they deserve this just because they are celebrities?

Are they not allowed to be themselves, to wear what they want or look as they please or do they need to be under a scanner at all times?

Taapsee Pannu’s fitting reply to troll!

Taapsee Pannu’s look for her upcoming movie ‘Rashmi Rocket’ was unveiled this week. While many lauded her for her muscled transformation, there were others who trolled her for her “masculine” body.  A twitter handle wrote,”Yeh mard wali body sirf Taapsee hi ho sakti hai.” with several people laughing at the ‘joke’.

Taapsee Pannu has been known to give it back to the trolls in the past and this time it was no different. She tweeted her reply -“All I will say is .. Just remember this line and wait for 2nd September and advance mein Thank You , I really worked hard for this compliment.”

Taapsee Pannu had to go through hours of rigorous exercise and training to achieve this transformation and build the body of an athlete.  She has been focussing on achieving the fitness level for an athlete as required in the film.

She will be essaying the role of a Gujarati athlete in the film who finally realises her dream and competes professionally. To portray the role of a fast runner well she has been practicing yoga and various other exercises. She recently took to Instagram to share a picture of her acing the Dhanurasana or the bow pose.

Social media pests attack Kareena on her birthday!

Kareena Kapoor celebrated her birthday on 21st Sep in Maldives with her family. She has constantly been sharing her photos with her husband and children from the picturesque location.  On the occasion of her birthday she shared a cosy picture with her husband without any make-up on.

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Trolls went on an overdrive commenting on her skin, looks and age. Some of the milder comments included judgements on the spots on her face, that she’s looking old, and she doesn’t look good without make-up.

Kareena Kapoor is no stranger to such attacks. She lost weight post the criticism she received after filming the movie ‘Don’, and then was tagged as being too skinny and looking like a skeleton. In 2008 Kareena made headlines for being size zero. The same trolls who were commenting on her saying she had thunder thighs went on to calling her anorexic.

Celebrities are not even spared during their pregnancy, while Aishwarya was trolled for her post-pregnancy weight, Kareena  who efficiently lost her post-pregnancy weight was trolled for looking like a ‘skeleton’. It is sad that there are people who can’t even handle a woman’s body’s normal response to pregnancy.

Female celeb? Nope Malaika, you’re not allowed to walk casually!

Malaika Arora who is one of the most followed celebrities on social media was brutally trolled for her walk while entering her gym. She was clad in a black crop top, bicycle shorts and a top knot bun when she was clicked by the paparazzi. Her pictures soon went viral and people started taking a dig at her.

Her walk was compared to that of a duck and made fun of. There are  memes in circulation on social media. The video has widely been shared by many media handles and the comment section is filled with nothing but mockery and jokes. People are questioning how she is a judge on ‘India’s Next Supermodel’ after having a walk like that.

Bollywood actresses give it back to trolls!

Tillotama Shome was recently called a flop actress and told that she looks like a maid on social media. The actress said comments about her ‘acting skills’ do not bother her but comments on sensitive social issues like class, caste and gender do.

The actress questions why being a maid is an insult. “I cannot help how you feel about me as an actor and actually I don’t care. But about this I care. This was meant to be an insult, so it was easier to respond to”

Vidya Balan who is known for her work predominantly in female led films has often been criticised about her weight. She has been asked publicly in interviews and film promotions if she is expecting or when she plans on reducing her weight.

In a recent interview, she said that she never thanked people who come up and said, “You have lost weight” as they do not know whether she wanted to lose that weight or not.

Sushmita Sen gave a befitting reply when she was asked if she ever felt conscious about being overweight. She said, “I will lose the weight but what about the character everyone else lost?”

On how people judge a person going through weight gain issues, Sushmita said: “It is important to recognise that you are going to have the ups and downs in your life and you are never going to be consistently perfect. There are people in this world who have genetic issues and people with health conditions. So, to judge people is easy but to let them enjoy the moment is difficult.”

It’s time to change the conversation!

Body shaming of celebrities is so common that most people don’t consider it as trolling anymore. Since when did it become socially acceptable to comment on someone’s weight or appearance? Why do we forget that the bodies and appearance’s we ridicule actually house fellow human beings with feelings and emotions.

Society’s views on weight won’t change overnight but we can try one small step at a time to change the way we talk about bodies.

Weight-shaming someone says less about them and more about you. Let’s stop telling people they have lost weight or gained weight when we meet them.

Why can’t we respect and be comfortable with all body types and structures? Why do we need to impose our idea of having a certain type of body on others?  Let ‘s try to be kind, empathic and inclusive!

Image source: Collage of social media pics

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