Love Me Or Hate Me, You Can’t Ignore Me As I Claim My Identity!

From being a woman who was afraid of confrontation to asking for what I truly deserve, I have come a long way.

From an innocent girl who loved pink and grew up reading fairy tales about princesses who need to be rescued…

From dreaming about Prince Charming and happily ever after… to getting married and being a shy bride who yearns for nothing more than love and respect from her husband and new family.

Going through many heartbreaks , crying endless nights and realising that I don’t need rescuing. I am not a damsel in distress and I can handle everything that’s thrown at me and more.

To realising my self-worth and becoming a strong, independent and opinionated woman who knows her mind.

I am not defined by my father’s name or my husband’s name but by my own name.

I am happy being somebody’s daughter, somebody’s wife and somebody’s mother.

But I would lie if I didn’t say that I am happier ‘Being Me’.

Defined by no man, I will write my own story.

Some days I don’t get out of bed; my house is in a mess; my children eat take-out and I am unproductive. That doesn’t make me a bad mom.

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Other days I multitask, my house is spotless. I am at the top of my game and my children live with a mom who is perfect in every way.

I rock both roles with ease and both days are equally necessary for my well-being.

I cry buckets when I am hurt, it takes a few days or months to get over it but eventually I do. I grow stronger and wiser with each hurdle that is hurled at me.

When I was low and at my worst, I often looked towards my husband and friends for comfort. No matter how much they comforted me, I still never felt completely okay.

Until one fine day I realised that my true strength lies within me and that no one but me is responsible for my happiness.

I create my own happiness and share it with my world.

Traditions I revere and I am proud to pass them on to the next generation but watch me break traditional stereotypes that are forced on me.

Love, kindness, friendship and humanity is the religion I’ll teach my children.

I will work hard in silence, but dare you deprive me of my due credit. Hear me scream as I fight for it.

From being a woman who was afraid of confrontation to asking for what I truly deserve…I have come a long way.

I will stand up for myself and for every woman who feels she has lost her voice.

I have taken some really bad decisions in life and made some horrible mistakes. I often don’t learn from them and keep repeating them.

Having said that, they are dear to me in spite of the fact that they are a product of my stupidity.

Sometimes I look back and laugh at them; at other times I cry. Then there are times when I question my intelligence.

Once in a while, I do learn the lesson the hard way.

Don’t think I didn’t hear your taunts and unrequited comments.

Maybe I chose to ignore it, as sometimes, peace is more important than fights.

My silence is not my defeat. Push me and you’ll meet a new me.

A different me who will rip you and your lies apart.

I am always there to support my family and friends but first and foremost,

I need to become someone who can support herself.

Unabashedly I’ll choose myself over and over again till I realise the truth in the old saying,

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Handling office, home and kids – I can do it all. I have juggled all my roles over the years to the best of my abilities.

I get tired, at times I miserably fail and sometimes I want to run away but no matter how I feel, I never give up.

Super mom and lazy woman; Fierce and vulnerable; Simple and complex.

I am all of it and more. Don’t try to understand me, just love me.

I am masculine, I am feminine, and I am love.

I am you, I am me and I am her.

This is me – ‘I am a woman’.

Love me or Hate me but you can’t ignore me!

Image Source: Still from the Hindi movie Panga



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