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The Damsels Are No Longer In Distress – Let’s Rewrite The Fairy Tales

Posted: March 2, 2021

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Today, Cinderella will not deck up to impress a prince and neither will Rapunzel wait for one. It’s time we changed our fairytales, isn’t it? No, #Cinderella of today will not deck up to go to a ball to charm some prince.

Given a fairy Godmother to grant her wishes, she better head to the town and pursue a career. Why should she wear those uncomfortable glass slippers when she can go out and paint the town in those comfy pair of sneakers? Now don’t even get me started on the flaws in the story of #Rapunzel! Pssst, first things first, get me the name of her shampoo and conditioner! Now to the flaws. Why on earth did she wait for a prince to rescue her?

She could have easily made her way down the tower with the help of her hair! Then there is Jasmine who, despite being a prince, couldn’t arrange a world tour for herself. She had to wait for Aladdin on a magic carpet to take her around the city. I mean, hello! You can hire a chauffeur-driven carriage to do the same. What say? watch this video to know more about the stereotypes on #fairytales

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